Bitcoin Price Is Set To Break The $43K Resistance Channel Despite Low Whale Interest

After experiencing a period of bearish consolidation, the price of Bitcoin has seen an upturn in buying demand. This shift is due to a decrease in the ‘sell the news’ event, along with the fact that numerous ETF providers have begun to accumulate BTC. As a result, there’s a noticeable increase in buyer confidence, suggesting that Bitcoin may soon breach a significant resistance channel. Despite this bullishness, on-chain data indicates potential risks, hinting at the possibility of a sudden reversal and a potential false breakout.

9 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Is Set To Break The $43K Resistance Channel Despite Low Whale Interest”

  1. There is large buying among the whales per glass node. Check your data

  2. > is set to

    I have never known what this means in this context. Set how? This is bollocks.

  3. Gotta say I’m pretty skeptical here. Every time Bitcoin even slightly peaks, everyone’s like ‘bull market city, baby!’ But come on, where are the whales? Their lack of interest is setting off some major alarm bells for me. It kinda screams that the big players don’t see this as a win in the long haul. Feels like it could just be another pitfall for us small-time investors.

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