Bitcoin Owner!

I now own 0.01+ of btc after this most recent dip, I am a proud holder of my bitcoin, and excited to see where it takes me, only up πŸ™‚πŸ  any thoughts or advice? I am quite young πŸ™‚β€β†•οΈ.

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  1. I thought Bitcoin was a safe haven. I guess gold is the real safe haven. It’s up over $30. Bitcoin was the money of the people outside the system. With the ETF, you are now controlled by the system. Good luck with your $#!+ Coin.

  2. Welcome to the party. Hold on to it and add to your stack. We’re likely to dip a little further before heading back up. 60k will be a really good entry by the end of the year.

  3. You are about to love the next 10 months of your life. But the 11th will be brutal. But just keep holding and stacking the next bull will make you a man.

  4. I did the same and finally got to .1 and smashing that buy button and watching ww3 unfold

  5. I just started buying bitcoin. Should I hold? Or sell with this steady drop? Help !

  6. WW3 ! It bounced off 59k so someone’s buy orders went through. Lets see how this plays out

  7. Israel just struck back in Iran, so an up day was turned into a down day. If Iran is smart and only retaliates through its proxies, we should recover, especially if the Hong Kong ETF launch is successful in the next two weeks.

  8. Hey! I’m in my first year of college too!🍻 It’s never too late to invest, the little sacrifices you’ll make in order to scoop up some bitcoin here and there are probably going to make it so you have way less sacrifices to make in the next few years. My two pieces of advice: Keep buying and learn about self custody/hardware wallets, that’s the key to sleeping on both ears if you plan on keeping your stack for the long run.

  9. just forget about it for a while checking the price non stop can get in your head

  10. Nice dude. Wish I would’ve known it was gonna go this high I would’ve invested way back

  11. You and me both my friend. Welcome to the journey.
    It will be long and arduous but never forget, you are never alone.
    So keep HODLing on!

  12. You own nothing but a promise until that’s in a hardware wallet you control the keys to

  13. No matter the situation don’t sell it, Sell Other assets if you need to.

    Keep it safe and you’ll be chilling 15 years from now πŸ˜€

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