Bitcoin only accomodations site, AirBTC, is live


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24 thoughts on “Bitcoin only accomodations site, AirBTC, is live”

  1. Don’t forget about tax implications for using your BTC to make purchases. You might get away with it now but if you do it a lot and don’t report it, the IRS basically will have free reign over review of your finances.

    Edit: Haha, downvotes for a public service announcement. God damn this world is ignorant.

  2. There can’t be enough people willing to spend their coin like this yet. If there is color me surprised af

  3. Bitcoin should be a payment choice, not a requirement. Bitcoin-only retail businesses are doomed to fail.

  4. Nice, now this is the kind of innovation we need.

    Even better would be a decentralized version of this. We need more decentralized protocols. Most things should be decentralized.

  5. My only question is how do they keep their claws in you to cover incidental charges throughout your stay? When I stay at Hilton, they place a hold on my VISA that falls off after my stay. Come to think of it, we need Elon to accelerate the development of and create a BTC credit card. Fuck VISA and MasterCard. We consumers need a new credit card that is exclusively BTC!

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