Bitcoin Hashrate has just eclipsed a new ATH and is in a very similar parabolic growth as in 2020 before the Halving. Everything is going according to plan…

Not only was 2022 one of the most brutal years for us as investors, but it also was deadly for Bitcoin miners. Yes, due to lower prices and rising electricity costs many miners were actually taking losses while mining throughout the whole year and had to even sell a lot of their equipment. But the mining industry showed perseverance and endured all of that pain.

Now as prices have gone higher, also the hash-rate of Bitcoin has been breaking ATHs nearly through the entire years with just very few setbacks. 

Bitcoin Hashrate chart showing a comparison between 2020 and right now, picture from analyst James V. Straten

This kind of a parabolic growth was actually quite expectable and the whole situation right now seems to be mirroring 2020 during the pre-Halving period, just as now. Just as currently, the BTC hash-rate also experienced an explosive growth in anticipation of the next Halving.

This just so happens to show that even after a 2022 bear market that in many ways was longer and more brutal than the 2018 bear market, miners are still unfazed and continue to push up the Bitcoin network. With that kind of perseverance, it is certain that they will survive each and every crisis.

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38 thoughts on “Bitcoin Hashrate has just eclipsed a new ATH and is in a very similar parabolic growth as in 2020 before the Halving. Everything is going according to plan…”

  1. Everything has been going according to plan for years now. DCA and HODL That’s the plan.

  2. I’m not expecting the same level of gains as the last bottom to top, diminishing returns as an asset grows and all that, but all of us that have been DCA-ing throughout this bear market are putting ourselves in a similar position as everyone doing the same after the covid dip. We all gonna make it, boys!

  3. Every miner is trying to work full tilt to mine more BTC before the next halving.

  4. People always seem to forget this chart but it is important to know that even after all the havoc the last years (Covid, China bans BTC, war, fastest rate hikes in the last 100 years etc) => BTC is still going from block to block.

  5. Something makes me think this Bullrun will melt faces; especially those of this sub. Many of us degens have been investing in BTC like crazy. I do want our time to come!

  6. Now, we just need the price to go on a parabolic run. We all need it and hopefully the cycle repeats itself once again. This time will be different and I will make profits !

  7. If only you could tell my wife that this is all going according to plan id thank you. However I have managed to turn a lot of money into a little crypto.

  8. I agree that 2022 was indeed a challenging year both for miners and investors. As the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. The fact that the mining industry, despite all the pitfalls and serious hurdles, has not only survived but has shown signs of considerable growth is a testament to its resilience. Bitcoin’s Hashrate ATH is an encouraging sign for all of us in the crypto world.

  9. Col. John ‘Hannibal’ Smith: There’s a plan in everything, kid, and I love it when a plan comes together.

  10. I’m sure Intel’s Blockscale ASIC is making a difference in the hashrate and utility costs. I’m sure a bunch of these are online and more will come online between now and the halving in April.

  11. The higher the hashrate, the stronger the Bitcoin network, and the better it becomes as a store of value. Bullish!

  12. The constant Btc Hopium and the high stable price of MOONs is what’s getting me through this bear market

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