Bitcoin Cash has just been added to Cake Wallet


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๐ŸŽ‚ The Cake Wallet team is thrilled to announce a delectable new update, bringing a host of features and improvements to enhance your crypto experience.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Integration:

Sink your teeth into the latest addition to Cake Wallet โ€“ Bitcoin Cash (BCH)! Seamlessly manage your BCH alongside other cryptocurrencies, providing you with even more options for your digital assets.

Benefit from a fixed supply of 21 million coins, safeguarding your assets against inflation. Bitcoin Cash offers enhanced privacy and the potential for exclusive merchant discounts, fostering economic advantages. Dive into the token ecosystem, ensuring transparency and innovation in asset management. Support a permissionless, decentralized network that champions freedom worldwide, challenging old power structures and ushering in a peaceful revolution. Explore the dynamic world of DeFi applications and NFTs.

Have fun!

The Cake Team.


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  1. I’m anxiously awaiting the F-droid version with BCH included. That was the one coin I actively hold that Cake didn’t support yet and was the only reason I used a different wallet. Now I can ditch that other one for good.

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