Bitcoin and risk, what do I think….

The idea that YOU can make money without taking risk is false.

Anything that can make tons of money whether its a business ,idea, an investment, will require the acceptance of risk, risk of your money risk of your time, risk of your reputation , etc etc

So if we know risk is unavoidable. Then the question becomes , how much risk is acceptable?

In this case lets say the risk of investing our money into bitcoin. No one want's to buy bitcoin at 35k , and see it go down to 10k , that hurts. But we are weighing that scenario with the possibility of bitcoin going north of 100k and beyond.

Which one will happen? No one actually knows, but we can bet on the future with educated guesses by studying history. History of money, History of transformative technologies, History of adoption rates.

I often use this analogy, in 1903 the wright brothers flew the first plane… if you were to tell people standing on that field watching , that in just a mere 66 years later we would now land people on the moon ( July 16, 1969 ) , they would have said you were a lunatic. This example illustrates that most human's are not able to comprehend the pace of innovation at all.

If I had to guess on what the future looks likes in 5 years, 10 years , and 20 years. I'm betting that Bitcoin will play a larger role in it than it does now in 2023. And if that is true, the price will increase to reflect its greater importance.

A redditor u/downtownjj linked this article to me, so I figured I would pay it forward and share

I personally am extremely bullish on bitcoin. I know their ALOT of use cases but the one I connect with the most is the ability to store your net worth and move it on a jump drive having full control, and the fact that no one can infinitely print more bitcoin. Living in LATM , I know people depending on who won an election have driven their cars to the US border and setup bank accounts in Texas, deposited large percentage of their net worth outside of their home countries. I know a lot of business owners who are starting over after having had their life savings destroyed in Venezuela and argentina due to crazy government money printing. I don't think bitcoin is the holy grail answer to all of this, I just view it as a MASSIVE step in the right direction. One way I can “vote” for positive change is to invest my money in those ideas. And of course like any capitalist I also want to get rich!

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  1. If you spend 7 yrs studying every square inch of Bitcoin like I have the long term risk goes to zero.
    Short of an end of the world event Bitcoin is going nowhere but up globally, if you want to hedge against Bitcoin for an end of world event buy guns, ammo, toilet paper, and non perishable food

  2. Risk vs reward.


    I can tell you, in late 2012 / early 2013 the risks appeared to be much bigger than they do now. I went in, saying, “It either goes too zero or to the moon.”

    It soon crashed about 80%. I figured it was going to zero and just forgot about it.


    It’s been quite a wild ride.

  3. Bitcoin is just a coin. It will not do anything between now and 66 years. A coin of gold is also just a coin of gold like it has been for thousands of years. There is also not much to study about bitcoin, the white paper is read in just a few moments and says it all. Bitcoin will not change look at the past, it’s still the same as it was 10 years ago. All this buzz about studying and crap is total bullshit. You can study gambling and speculation and a little adoption, yes, but bitcoin, no.

  4. The risk is lack of adoption. Adoption implies demand, which will imply more value.

    Everyone against bitcoin has been mining and putting up gates at adoption.

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