Bitboy Crypto claims he lost most of his crypto and assets because it was under the company name

In recent video Bitboy Crypto claims that he has lost most of his crypto and assets because it was under his company's name and his company was taken from him.

Yeah right there's no way that they legally could get away with doing that. I do know in prior years he had stated that he owned 70% and TJ owned 30% stake. Even if he had sold majority ownership of his company and was therefore fired he still has an ownership stake in the assets and income of the company.

I'm completely sure that this is an attempt to hide and protect his assets from litigation. He was also in previous videos ranting how he was moving to Dubai which don't have extradition treaty. Lets see if he still does that.

I wonder if the Stake hack had anything to do with all this. Bitboy Crypto was sponsored by Stake and pushed it hard. Not sure if they are still sponsored by stake, I'm guessing not.

50 thoughts on “Bitboy Crypto claims he lost most of his crypto and assets because it was under the company name”

  1. I can’t be bothered to watch the video to investigate but if his crypto were indeed owned by a company and it went bankrupt then, yes the creditors might have a claim to it and he wouldn’t be able to access it.

  2. Trying to gain sympathy now. I don’t believe a word this guy says. Once a liar, always a liar.

  3. If this was true, which it’s not, it would be his just rewards for being a scamming piece of shit

  4. Bro is a serial liar. Treat as you would one-picture-hottie on dating site….ignore.

  5. Bitboy: Not your keys not your crypto

    Also bitboy: company owns keys


    Dam they even took the Youtube from him, dude is struggling right now probably.

    No pity from me though, he’ll be fine.

  6. Dude is either tryna escape taxes or karma got him for being a scamming piece of shit

  7. He gets no sympathy from me given he probably earned most of it through pump and dumps.

  8. I learned in this sub that I don’t need to know bitboy.
    So I skip that thread.

  9. Scammer will continue to scam. Push his profile and don’t recomend this content or whatever to ruin his algorithms. He ruined way to much for others and shouldn’t be found by the new wave coming in.

  10. I wouldn’t take his word for it. Seeing as he was the owner, there is a 99% chance that he still has the keys and access to all his wallets.

  11. I would well say it’s well deserved but we all know that that fat fk is just grasping for attention and this is certainly just a blatant lie.

  12. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. I’m sure he’s just trying to keep all the attention on himself as he knows the game is up for him soon, and he’ll be nothing but a memory

  13. Good good, karma seems to come around.

    This goose ball , have hurt the cryptocurrency community so hard

  14. Nope i don’t believe there is any truth here . He is full of lies & just trying to gain some sympathy here . He will resume his scamming job in next few weeks to months again .

  15. Why’s he explaining it like we’re supposed to be sorry for him? 🤡

  16. I don’t believe a word of what this dude says, this is the perfect storm for him to wash his hands in front of the law and wash his “aura” in front of his fans.

  17. I honestly don’t even care.

    Let’s say for a moment we give shartboy the Benny … pretend he is not full of shit about this.

    He IS still full of shit 99.9% of the time anyways and he has fucked over many newcomers who don’t know better in the name of more subscribers and the almighty $$$.

    Fuck him.

    He lost most of it ehyy? Shoulda been all of it if you ask me 😔

  18. Someone put this guy in jail. I probably lost half my riches last bull run because of this guy.

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