Binance Death Knell: WaltonChain (WTC) being dealt the “delisting” death knell.

Binance decided to delist WaltonChain today. If you have been around as long as I have been, then you will know how overdue this is. Back in the day (206-2017), WaltonChain skyrocketed into prominence with many other crypto projects. It was shilled heavily on Twitter and in /r/CryptoCurrency. So were many other projects. But WTC will forever live in infamy due to them running a scammy raffle.

They forgot to switch accounts revealing that the winner was just WaltonChain itself; they were never going to give any WTC Coins to anyone. Since then they have been utterly associated with scammery.

Here is the Twitter thread in questions.

Here is WTC faking it.

They should have been delisted there and then. But after nearly a decade, they just got their comeuppance. I know that Binance isn't a favorite here and they probably helped WTC (more likely than not) live as long as they did, but today they released the news that they will delist WTC.

And since Binance is the biggest exchange in the world and the biggest exchange to host WTC, when they delist a coin it usually deals a death blow to it. Every coin delisted by Binance has experience at the very minimum 50% price drop in the first 24 hours. On top of that 99% drop due to the bear market, an additional 50% will just crush it. Then it will go on to experience a further drop extending it to almost 99.9999%+ drop over time. At this moment, WTC has dropped 40%. It is pretty much dead.

Anyway, in the style of WTC:

“OMG! 😭Can't believe WTC is delisted! Thank you Binance team ! ❤️ Keep doing the great work. 💪💪💪🚀🚀🚀”

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  2. Back in the ’17-’18 alt coin frenzy I lost a decent amount of money on WTC, still hate the strong arm emoji

    🚀 🚀 🚀 💪 💪 💪

    WTC strong 4eva

  3. OMG! 😭 Cant believe I won !

    Thank you Walton team ! ❤️

    keep doing the great work.


  4. Was around for the ’17-18 cycle. Never bought this because the name is just so fucking stupid. “Walton Chain”? Get fucking real.

  5. Ouch. I remember those good old days of WTC vs VeChain. Seeing WTC rise to $40 and then get taken out by a tweet. Couldn’t even be mad about it even tho I was invested.

  6. I remember this being shilled by all the ‘prominent’ influencers back in 2019 ish ..CryptoLark, Chico, CryptoLove, DataDash 🤣

  7. Hahahaha WTC was a darling favorite on this subreddit in 2017/2018

    Another reason why you don’t buy any “eth killers” shilled on this subreddit

  8. Lol thanks for reminding me of this. Definitely remember that cycle when waltonchain slipped under a dollar and i thought it was a good value at that price after all the fud.

  9. Can’t believe people thought this was the winner vs Vechain. People can say what they want about VET but it’s still ranked #39, it’s held it’s own.

  10. I read the whitepaper! It’s pretty cool. Never bought any. Something smelled fishy about it. Dunno what it was, though. Maybe it was too many ‘everyday folk’ weighing in and not enough smart people.

  11. Binance is not a favorite here?

    Thats the first I heard of that, being in this space since 2011.

  12. Back in 2017, me and some friends made our first 6figure thanks to wtc, but after the hype, we had a trusted source who knew that coin was shaddy, he told us everything he knew (he worked for a marketing company hired by the wtc team) and we sold at the right time. We tried to warn people on Twitter, but we got only angry people responding, so we decided to let them lose everything they have invested, and never warn anyone else after this event. I’m glad this scam is finally dying. However the scammers had sadly the time to be rich af

  13. Still the dumbest named coin to me and I feel that should’ve been warning enough to all

  14. Lol I remmeber people screaming here or reddit about its “real world use case” and “its gonna be huge” 🤣

  15. OMG! 😭 Cant believe I won !

    Thank you Walton team ! ❤️

    keep doing the great work.


    This was indeed an absolute classic!!!! Loved it!!! Sucks of course for those who got ffed up by it.

  16. Binance Coin pros & cons with related info are in the collapsed comments below.

  17. We ever figure out who Walton is? Was it supposed to be a reference to Wal Mart?

  18. you forgot the part where they claimed they built their codebase from scratch but when they revealed it, it was 99% eth code. Bunch of scammers

  19. I remember Shitcoin Walton 2017!! Bought at $1.50 and sold at 20x. Good times.

  20. damn….. they got me for like 300$ back in the day. that sucks. oh well, besides WTC my only other real loss was subtratum lol, and they got me for about the same, aka why i dont listen to data dash anymore lol

  21. ah one of the first coins i just thought was “nice” and threw a little money on in ’18….at least it wasn’t too much

  22. Ahhhh Walton 😂

    I remember when it was all out subreddit war between WTC and VEN. Walton fan bois would come over to Vechain and spam the sub telling us how their token was going to wipe vechain off the face of the Earth. I guess they picked the wrong side

  23. Ahh yes, the supply chain tokens, crazy times. Brings me back to the balcony conversations – bitcoin guy video. “Yo get VEN right now, get VEN right now”! Lmao that video used to crack me up.

  24. this isn’t just going to be the future for WTC, but for lots of altcoins once binance becomes a pro-regulation exchange.

  25. Sad. I loved the Waltons on TV.

    Good night John-Boy! Good night Erin! Good night Jim-Bob! Good night Elisabeth! Good night Mary-Ellen! Good night …

  26. Ahh the good old altcoin hype and crash days in 2018. It was like a mass extinction event for a lot of cryptos.

  27. Hahahah I remember this raffle. Shit was pretty funny. Anyone remember the Verge new years Wraith launch flop. Shit was funny af as well. Good times really.

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