Be ready for big dips even if we are in a bull market. It’s not unusual to see dips of 30% or even over 40% throughout a bull market, and then the price bounce right back and continue the bullrun.

Crypto is still a volatile rollercoaster market.

For those who were here in the past cycles, you probably remember all the times we had big dips throughout the last bullruns, and lots of people panicked thinking it was already over.

Look back at the price chart, and see what a rollercoaster bull markets typically are.

While the general trend kept up to new highs, there were some dramatic drops along the way.

Looking at the chart might not look that scary with the full bull market into context, but if you just isolate those dips, they were pretty big and scary moments at the time.

And some of the dips can sometimes be well over 30%:

In 2021 we had that big double top with a dip of over 40% in between:

And here are some of the biggest dips and crashes:

If the price of Bitcoin drops by more than 70%, then that's usually “THE crash” and the end of a bull cycle, and beginning of a bear cycle.

Anything between 50-70% might just be a black swan event (like the Covid crash or Hash Wars).

Any dips under 50% is just business as usual for a bull market.

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36 thoughts on “Be ready for big dips even if we are in a bull market. It’s not unusual to see dips of 30% or even over 40% throughout a bull market, and then the price bounce right back and continue the bullrun.”

  1. The fact that we haven’t had one yet is worrying, it reminds me of early 2019. Inb4 “ETF bruh, this time is different, super cycle!”.

    It’s looking as though the top will either be before the end of the year, or only in 2026. No in between.

  2. Nice data and very true, on bull market the moves are pretty aggresive and its a good idea putting SL

  3. Cash is ready. Working more hours and take overtime as much possible. Dca is my way and by dips more.

  4. I’m curious to see if the ETFs will cushion the drop somewhat as those are not people actively watching the market I guess.

  5. It’ll be interesting to see if the new Wall Street and institutional investments make it somewhat less volatile? Eventually, for it to be considered for serious use, the price can’t fluctuate year by year as much as it does.

  6. Look at how far above or below the 20 day moving average we are. The further away from that metric we get the more likely we are to have a correction.

  7. Hopefully because I’m getting ansy waiting on the sidelines while watching this thing go upwards .

  8. Great post! People are fomo’ing in with funds they can’t lose but if you stay patient, opportune moments will arise.

  9. I believe this bull run is slightly different. The ETFs and companies that are holding BTC have created strong supports along the way. We have not had these supports before.

    Not saying there won’t be any dips (profit taking). I believe the dips will be smaller and will not last very long. Personally, I have bought EVERY dip the past year. Many people are looking at these dips as discounts nowadays.

  10. The thing that worries me about the ETF’s and the institutional investors is the algorithms that could be triggered. Those sell off pretty brutally when they kick in with any significant downside pressure.

  11. According to every crypto influencer on YT it’s up only from here on out or you only have 3 hours left before all the bitcoin is bought up. Hell I even heard one say no more bear market ever again…lol. I’m tired of the non stop fomo sentiment. This is not sustainable and the higher and longer it goes up with out a correction to retest prior levels the harder the crash. It’s how healthy markets act.

  12. Funny how that part you circled is still above the correction price that it then sat at for a few years. Here’s the thing about BTC bull phase: it’s the worst time to buy. Unless you’re day trading you already missed the boat. Anything that you purchase now with the intent to hold is destined to sit in the red for five years before the cycle starts again.

  13. I remember one of them was Ellon musk selling bitcoin. I think the first one is just after the halving. It’s been hyped a lot more than in 2020 so now it’s become a sell the news event for whales . We will see how it plays out.

  14. I have nailed 3 on the run from 40k to 70k. Just gotta place some buy orders to be ready for then dips baby.

  15. Too bad the alts (minus Eth) will get slammed right back down to erase any gains. They are still at a huge loss from when Bitcoin dropped to the teens. They have not recovered to their all-time hights like BTC and Eth.

  16. Hope you are correct and we see 20-30k again
    Its bad that btc is so expensive now. Jupiter scammed mine 2months ago. Missed the bullrun and lost my money, fuck this, is not fair

  17. planning on it! Just give me a 50-55k opportunity! I took profits at 63k want to put em back in.

  18. Yes when crypto was pocket change with no big players it was more volatile nothing of what you outline is going to happen going forward.

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