Be carefull – Scam ongoing

Today i woked up with this “nice” present in my Trezor.

Obviously a scam, so, to those who own Jasmy Coin, watch out your wallets and be safe.

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5 thoughts on “Be carefull – Scam ongoing”

  1. Please bear in mind that no one from the Trezor team would send you a private message first.
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    No one from the Trezor team (Reddit mods, Support agents, etc) would ever ask for your recovery seed!
    Beware of scams and phishings:

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  2. I have a few similar ones on mine. It’s about time Trezor created a function that allows you to hide these transactions so that you don’t accidentally interact with them in the future.

  3. Just ignore these and you’ll be fine. I got these garbage as well on my standard wallet. On the hidden wallet, I don’t have it

  4. TREZOR needs to add a burn feature to the user interface- as long as it does not compromise security to the user

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