BCH vs ETH L2s (post Dencun)

Is BCH even comparable now to the super low fees seen now on ETH L2 networks after the blobs implementation through their Dencun upgrade yesterday?



People could also use stablecoins on these L2 networks if they are not keen to be exposed to volatility. What's BCH got as any advantage over these?

Note I asked the Lightning sub exactly the same thing.

4 thoughts on “BCH vs ETH L2s (post Dencun)”

  1. Bitcoin Cash’s main purpose is to be a p2p electronic cash with a fair distributed POW blockchain that doesn’t require custodial services.

    So please show me a map or list of places that accept your Layer 2’s as currency and not 3rd party intermediaries but actual p2p.


  2. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want a comparison, so yeah, they’re “comparable”.

  3. BCH = KISS

    ETH = We do it in the most complicated way we can think of.

    I also dislike ETH being PoS. PoS is not sound in my opinion. Once captured there is no way out. And staking is permissioned. And then the account system scales worse than the UTXO set.

    That are just the few that come to mind.

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