Barclays UK refuses to open bank account due to my “level of exposure to crypto assets”

This was an application for an ordinary transactional account. Level of crypto exposure is about 20% of total assets.

29 thoughts on “Barclays UK refuses to open bank account due to my “level of exposure to crypto assets””

  1. Fuck ’em. This guy posted about living in the UK without a bank:

  2. OP may I ask if this was something you declared to the bank or did they discover this through various checks seeing regular deposits to coinbase or the like?

  3. I don’t follow the bank’s thought process on this one as I thought they want people depositing and using their services.

    I guess the bank imagines are doing their part to possibly prevent someone from turning fiat into crypto.

  4. So this is just a regular savings/checking account, and not an account used for leverage? I’m wicked confused. Why do UK banks look at anything at all to set up an account? Every US account I’ve ever opened is just “give us your name, SSN, and whatever initial deposit you want” and it’s opened instantly.

  5. Bitcoin Magazine just tweeted your post:

  6. Piss on em.

    Go somewhere offering a bonus for direct deposit and leave Barclays in the dust.

  7. I have a Barclays account and I use to buy Bitcoin on a regular basis yet I’ve had no problems with them.

  8. I bet if you had a ton of money and you wanted to withdrawal it to fly to Vegas and put it all on black at the roulette table they would have zero issues.

  9. Barclays uk stopped me a couple of years ago doing standing order to binance after about 2years of using that feature, then got copsplained by a non crypto expert about it all being a scam and losingmy money. However I just switched from binance and now use kraken on standing order.

  10. Barclays is a woke bank who cancelled a vicar for “hate”

    The UK is going mad with debankings as tools of political oppression. The Reclaim party, Reform UK party members, the Triggernometry podcast, Nigel Farage, this vicar and more have had accounts closed for no reason

    The least bad bank in the UK is Starling

  11. I was refused a line of credit from BDC canada and my main account through WFCU closed because of my exposure to cryto. Application went ok, and last minute after they looked through my history. Buying cryto I’d apparently high risk the officer told me

  12. I bank with barclays been sending money to exchanges since 2017 And receiving. Never had one issue at all.

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