Balance mismatch

I have just installed the Trezor Suite on a new computer (that is going to replace my current one) and noticed a discrepancy in the Portfolio balance compared to my other computer.

While all crypto amounts match, it seems that the fiat value of two ERC-20 tokens (USDT and USDC – second screenshot) is being excluded from the Portfolio balance. (first screenshot)

Any idea why this is happening?

All settings appear to be the same.


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  2. Currently it is the limit of the app. It is something that Trezor is aware of and working on:
    For now, you can check total balance of desired ETH address/account (including all ERC20 tokens) on Trezor blockchain explorer AKA Blockbook.
    See following example:

  3. Token balances are not counted in the wallet balance.

    If you scroll down on the dashboard, it’s only combing the parent token value (i.e. Ethereum).

    One day, the dashboard will include tokens, but for now, it’s only for the main coin. Same deal for ADA.

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