Awareness of Fake Rabby Wallet app in Appstore that has Drained many people’s crypto!

I am making this post with the hope that many of us help Report, leave a review to prevent others from falling for the scam, and if someone knows someone in a position to help at Apple, to hopefully get it taken care of because people have lots their life savings because of this Fake Wallet App

I created a post on Apple Discussions to hopefully get awareness and some eyes, if it can be upvoted there also:

This has been reported by many people, but the app is still in the appstore. The problem is the Real Rabby Wallet ( has an app under review by apple, so this scammer's approved AppStore App called “Rabby Wallet & Crypto Solution” is tricking people into thinking it is the genuine one, they enter they seed phrase or private key, and moments later all of their life savings, crypto belongings are GONE!

The Genuine Rabby Wallet not out yet is made by Debank, this fake one is made by some obscure company. What is very concerning is how a closed ecosystem like Apple Appstore would allow blatant use of the real logo, impersonating the real wallet, causing to huge amount of funds lost (I have seen well over $100k stolen already from the Rabby Discord)

Apple needs to take down this application and help those users, it has been up for 4 days, with many reports and reviews submitted (by myself and others)

The Fake Rabby Wallet Appstore Link: (They have since bought various fake reviews, just look at the fake names) Mine is not published but you can see one that was that says they are farming private keys.

If anyone knows how to escalate this with someone at apple, please do! Lets make sure no one else gets scammed! This is insane and should NEVER happen on Apple Ecosystem, how does a counterfeit Crypto Wallet make it on the appstore that just steals their money posing as the real one.

Here is the tweet from Official Rabby Account warning:

Screenshot of warning by Official Rabby Wallet account

Here are just a few of the many examples of people having their funds stolen and complaining in the Real Rabby Wallet Discord.

One user's testimony

Anther User's Testimony

Lets prevent others from getting scammed and get the right eyes on this!

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  1. More reason to get hardware wallet. You don’t need to enter your phrase anywhere

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