Avoid at all costs! Frustrating Experience with CoinPayments.net

I recently faced significant issues with CoinPayments.net, a crypto payment service used on Swap.com. Despite initiating two separate transactions for $115, and $110 respectfully, after four days, I was left without my products and my funds. My attempts to contact support were met with generic responses, necessitating the creation of duplicate tickets to elicit any reaction.

The service, which claimed a straightforward transfer process, unexpectedly was everything but, leading to a shortfall in my payment and a timeout of the transaction. This left my funds frozen, with no clear path to a refund or resolution. Despite multiple messages to both Swapd.co and CoinPayments.net, the resolution offered was…virtually none. The constant back and forth of telling swapd.co what button to accept, and zero response from CoinPayment.net made this horrid.

(View in attached photos, one out of four emails of me instructing the Swapd.co team how to process the payments or keep them from being frozen, as if I am the middle man of my own middle man transaction, lol)


(Appropriate screenshots, lackluster support, all available upon request)


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