$AVI – A hidden gem that will ride the BASE wave

Aviator will build a bridge to Base that outperforms all current bridging solutions in terms of time to bridge, cost and functionality – Skybridge.

After that is out shortly (test net likely releasing this weekend), they will port their own project via skybridge to be on Base.

Their long game is an arcade, similar to newgrounds and later possibly Desktop games too, allowing developers to gain an Audience and monetize their game through Play2Earn features.

This is just a quick recap, thought it might be interesting for some to get in early on this.
I can easily see this getting a Coinbase listing in the long run, as the team is doing everything to be compliant – with their Bridge just getting a 10/10 audit score from hacken (https://hacken.io/audits/aviator—skybridge/) , third party kyc, multi sig locks and more (Check dextools too!).

So far, the coin only has some attention from 4chan and got a TINY mention in a Brian Jung video – So this is still really early.

As always, dyor, check the whitepaper (flightpaper as they call it). Here is some links for research purposes:




If you join the telegram community, you'll find that the devs are always open to talk and you can also get the links to all of the team's AMA's from twitter so far.

Take care!


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7 thoughts on “$AVI – A hidden gem that will ride the BASE wave”

  1. Aviator $AVI will make great things happen this cycle, they attack two strong narratives and they’re doing it the right way. First the SkyBridge to Base that will revolutionize bridging as we know it and bring all the volume over to Base. Something Coinbase will not complain about to say the least. The second narrative is the web3 gaming aspect with their Aviator Arcade. With Google Genie coming up and other AI tools to create video games from text, AVI is setting themselves up for success. Think; Steam of web3 gaming.

  2. I think people really underestimate skybridge, which with its low fees is quite the game changer + it has one of the best community I’ve ever seen in crypto: a week ago someone that wasn’t even a member of the team airdropped 3000 nfts (https://opensea.io/collection/based-foxes) to every Avi holder at the time, quite based if you ask me

  3. I’ve been a big fan of this one for a while now.

    Just wanted to add: if anyone reads this post and the whitepaper, finds it interesting, and has any questions- hop in the TG or Discord and ask away. Even if a community member doesn’t know the answer, there’s almost always at least one dev active that’ll respond and be open to conversing.

    Have literally never seen a question go unanswered in AVI

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