Auto transfer from an account configured in Metamask

Guys, today I transferred 1 MATIC to one of my accounts via MATIC mainnet using Metamask. To my surprise, this MATIC got transferred automatically to another account. The transaction is as follows,

Can someone explain if my wallet ( 0x4C70D50dAbbCc68C3a8B3Bb0d7330EE097752FdE ) got compromised. How should I secure it?

2 thoughts on “Auto transfer from an account configured in Metamask”

  1. Well, you’re lucky. I woke up to see all my funds transferred from my wallet to an unknown wallet address. It was wiped clean. I don’t trust Meta Mask anymore.

    P.S. Always double check your input wallet address manually rather than copy pasting it without check. I once copy pasted and noticed the pasted wallet address would appear different after copying. Crypto is full of scam and no amount of diligence is enough.

  2. You gave away the SRP, and the scammer setup a “sweeper.”

    Don’t add anything to the account.

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