Australians being punished for going solar

People who have installed solar panels are being charged for storage of any excess power. Time for bitcoin miners there to step up to help. Get electricity for mining, and if they pay a bit of earnings to these hapless solar panel owners, they will buy good publicity for bitcoin too!

6 thoughts on “Australians being punished for going solar”

  1. Government setting up economic traps for it’s citizens!? How dare you suggest such a thing!?

  2. problem with mining on solar is, that you pay full price for the rig and only use it 30-50% of the time. hard to break even, even if power is free

  3. Quite misleading. The claim is that they are doing “the right thing” and being punished. That’s not at all what this is. At 2:06 he says “following government recommendation” … as a rule that’s a wrong thing to do. Rarely a government recommendation is a right thing.

    In this case, people create electricity that is not needed and they put it to to the grid that suffers because of it. People did that to earn money as stupid regulations allow them to do so instead of leaving market do its thing and reject to pay for such electricity that is not needed.

    Therefore, these people, doing the wrong thing, creating problems for the grid, now will see the consequences of doing the wrong thing and will have to pay for it.

    That the government incentivized this behavior before is no excuse. Bad thing is a bad thing, no matter what your government tells you (and as a rule of thumb, if government tells you it’s good, it’s probably quite bad).

    As for OP … it’s misleading to say that they are punished for going solar. I’m sure they are not punished if they go solar off grid. Only they have to pay for the caused problem if they send it to the grid.

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