Atomic Wallet trying to silence its victims over the June 3 hack

As you might've heard already, Atomic Wallet (an Estonian-based company) was hacked on June 3, and millions of dollars were stolen. Some news sources claim that it was North Korea, but the actions of Atomic Wallet team speak for themselves: it's becoming more and more apparent that it was an inside job. I was the very first victim who reported over $115k stolen the night of June 3. By now, it's been a long time since my post was removed by Atomic Wallet mods, and I myself was banned from their subreddit.

Starting from some point, they started removing all posts about funds being stolen and banning the victims from further posts in their subreddit. This is just a tiny portion of posts removed by Atomic Wallet team from their subreddit, while the actual number is over a hundred already. Why would innocent people do this? To me, it's obvious that they're not innocent.

Some people have conducted their own research and found out that a backdoor has been present in Atomic Wallet for years, and they haven't even removed it after the hack had occurred. Class action lawsuits are being filed. Atomic Wallet is bulk-buying fake 5-star reviews on TrustPilot after people started to report funds stolen.

The community /r/atomichack was created in order for Atomic Wallet victims to unite their efforts, investigate the incident, and figure out what to do next. As I'm writing this post, more and more victims' reports are being removed by Atomic Wallet mods. They're trying to cover all traces of the incident AND get more people to use their malicious software in an attempt to steal more.

This post is to make the crypto community aware of what's going on with Atomic Wallet. Please spread the word and don't let these criminals hide the truth.

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  1. The rate of Hack is really alarming, I can’t imagine how worse it will be when quantum computers come into play, are blockchains really ready for the worse?

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