As Bitcoin Heads for $100K, Don’t Forget the Deeper Meaning of the Bitcoin Revolution.

The price of Bitcoin is approaching $60K. At the time of writing, it stands at $57.2K.

The buying fever of financial giants such as BlackRock and Fidelity for Bitcoin explains this upward thrust in the price of Bitcoin, which nothing seems able to stop in the immediate future.

Every day, more BTC units are absorbed by these financial giants.

Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing from the point of view of the Bitcoin revolution and the fact that it takes us further away from everyday use of Bitcoin as a means of payment and exchange by the general public, we have to admit that it's happening.

BlackRock has just held a private event at which several strong ideas were pushed to institutional investors.

The BlackRock analyst himself explained that a 28% allocation to BTC in a portfolio is “not unreasonable”.

The analyst is promoting BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF here, but it should serve as an electroshock to the general public that Bitcoin is now an opportunity not to be missed.

The key here is to get the message across that ownership of Bitcoin only exists when it's done directly by taking possession of the private keys. Not an easy task, but it's the message we need to get across as Bitcoiners.

Even more interesting is the fact that, despite the current price of Bitcoin, the term “How to buy Bitcoin” is at a very low level on Google Trends.

This is a far cry from the level reached in the summer of 2023, the level reached at the end of 2022 when the FTX scam came to light, and even farther from the level reached at the end of 2017 when the price of Bitcoin practically reached $20K for the first time.

Just imagine what's going to happen to the Bitcoin price when the fourth Bitcoin Halving takes place and retail investors start coming in to buy Bitcoin.

It's going to be massive, and forecasts of a Bitcoin price above $100K by the end of 2024 are gaining momentum in my opinion. Tom Lee of Fundstrat even believes that the price of Bitcoin could reach $150K due to the combination of the first two factors, Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin Halving.

To these two factors, we must add the Fed's monetary policy pivot, which will probably take place in mid-2024.

In short, all factors will converge at the same time to push the price of Bitcoin to heights never seen before.

Throughout this unprecedented bullish surge, the key will be to prevent people from ending up lost in Sh*tcoins by giving in to greed, as happens in every Bull Market.

To do this, the key will be to remind people again and again of the profound meaning of the Bitcoin revolution, and above all, that the purpose of Bitcoin doesn't change whatever the price of Bitcoin in weak money.

In the end, this only serves to attract more users, whom we need to awaken to our goal: the development of a circular economy based on the Bitcoin system, so that we have a genuine alternative to the debt-based system, which is flawed and not fixable.

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  2. It’s not heading for 100k anytime soon. Cramer said it’s going to 100k, which means it’s going to drop…

  3. You’re barking up the wrong tree mate.

    Most people here just want to escape the poverty line and be able to afford 2 eggs for their Ramen.

  4. Why are people always to optimistic when things turn green for a few weeks?

    I’m still here with my dread and sense of impending doom still stuck in my bones from market crash experiences from the past.

    I don’t trust the solient green we are having.

  5. The more people post shit like this, the more likely the audience is going to be very dissatisfied. 100k will come sure, but this year? Probably won’t even happen this run… Don’t be dumb, we’ve had a couple of green months woop dee doo.

  6. Thanks for your write-up. If it does get to fever pitch as it has in previous bull runs, I doubt whether the speculators are going to avoid altcoins. It’s natural that as the profits of Bitcoin decline, people start looking to go further up the risk curve to seek more profit.

    Personally, I think we’re in for the same hangover as the previous runs because you can’t change human behavior.

  7. There are many BTC ETFs and I would think that might prevent the different fund managers from dominating the network “singlehandedly” to the point they can control the network. Unless US gov asks them to pool their BTC together which I do not think would happen (legally questionable)

  8. BlackRock money seems like a reason to believe it’s over. Not in a “they want to destroy crypto oh no” but in a “they see Bitcoin as predictable and slow” that makes it attractive to their portfolio. 

    It tells me the parabolic gains are over, and if Bitcoin stops performing well enough for the big boys, they’ll dump their bags for months and bury everyone else in an attempt to get out.

  9. Blackrock just wants to get all the BTC out of retails hands lol

    They will pump the price to get all the boomers in with all their wealth, buy up all the BTC supply to remove the potential of a decentralized financial system.


    At least we have a chance to profit off their plan.

    After losing 90%+ TWICE, I’m telling ya’ll, DO NOT FUCK THIS UP BECAUSE OF GREED.

    Set your sell targets on your HODL bag, set your take profits/stop losses on trades.


  10. I want to really like bitcoin but I don’t like the fact that these huge financial institutions are controlling the market. I will still diamond hands my meagre selection of it in a hope that in the future it will all make sense. Perhaps bitcoin is only the start of things but it’s true that the appeal to me is to be independent of centralised banks and if, in the future, I can achieve this then I’ll be happy.

  11. I work in investment management and a 28% allocation on bitcoin for a “conservative institutional investor” is batshit crazy. Completely insane. This means this source is completely untrustworthy.

  12. “Please buy my internet money with sustainable value for 60k! I swear it wont change another 20k up or down in a month like this one has!” “Halving means double the price and stable ATH!”

  13. Bitcoin works as a store of value.

    Not as a payment system currently.

    The real revolution isnt always made by the number 1 company in the world, in this case the number 1 cruptocurrency isnt becoming the number 1 payment systems used in the world.

    ETH is indeed providing more solutions and believe in it more for the long term feature.

  14. Crazy how “Bitcoin $100k” sounds so ridiculous less than 10 years ago but now people are like .. “naturally”

  15. I don’t pay attention to any price predictions ever. People were predicting $200,000 during the last bull run. No one knows what it’ll do, just sit back, stack and enjoy the ride

  16. I was expecting a rant about how Bitcoin is all about being your own bank and sticking it to the man.

  17. Its just initial upward movement for such a post like this. I like your view but it wont be interesting to people who are here bro. Good point though.

  18. Bitcoin is never, ever going to work as a mainstream payment mechanism. 99% of people are just using it as a get-rich-quick scheme and will run as soon as they start to lose their money. There are plenty of other reliable payment methods that cost nothing, almost no one cares about the philosophy behind it. The current system might be flawed, but certainly not flawed to the same extent as Bitcoin.

  19. When they’ve bought up all available stock and the price is way high it will be out of reach of the common man. We will then truly appreciate what being in early will mean.

    And the rich will be considerably more rich.

  20. yeah lets search the Google Trend “How to buy Bitcoin” instead of “Bitcoin” only to get a really low result.

  21. this is starting to be real weird. BTC might pass the previous cycle high before the halvening even happens which traditionally doesn’t even trigger a bull run until some time after that.

  22. > the purpose of Bitcoin doesn’t change whatever the price of Bitcoin

    Ah what? This Bitcoin’s (BTC) purpose is STORE OF VALUE, so the price does seem to matter.

    BTC is now just the hooker at a frat party. There’s no “deeper meaning” here. That’s now elsewhere, if anywhere at all.

  23. >Even more interesting is the fact that, despite the current price of Bitcoin, the term “How to buy Bitcoin” is at a very low level on Google Trends.

    This can also mean the process has gotten far more simpler

  24. Bitcoin is all about learning how the fiat monetary system works, or to be more precise, how it does not.

    – GLaDOS

  25. ”Number go up” is nice. Doesn’t need to be more deep than that

    If someone questions BTC ask them how their stocks have been performing the last decade compared to BTC.

    BTC since 2013 +86’801%

    Let the numbers do the talking.

  26. i just want my original investment back, once i get back my money i will get the hell out of crypto forever

  27. That makes me feel better that my IRA is like 95% crypto. It was balanced once, but the crypto portion has gone up 165x since 2015

  28. Is it, the Bitcoin was in each and everyone of us all along!?
    Cause of it is the deeper meaning I need to know how to get mine out and sell it 👀

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