Anyone tried Crypto Prop Firms?


Has anyone tried a challenge at crypto prop firms (funded trader programs)?

Forex and stocks prop firms such as ftmo, mff, etc. are seeing increasing demand from retail traders in recent years. However, there has been no serious similar solution for crypto trading due to the lack of readily available 3rd party technical and liquidity solutions.

Tordess is the pioneer in crypto prop-trading, powered by OKX – the world's second largest crypto exchange by volume. Consider us as a demo trading game where users pay to trade demo crypto trading accounts and earn rewards in real funding once they pass the challenge.

Launched in 2022, the firm's funded trader programs and free monthly trading competitions have been warmly supported by thousands of crypto traders across South East Asia.

A few things about us:

– Funding up to $100,000 for over 100 pairs of crypto trading, with up to 90% of profits shared with the qualified traders. We cover all the losses.

– Powered by OKX.

– Offering free monthly trading competitions, with prizes of up to $10,000 funding for the top traders.

– Complete transparency with open leaderboard and users' trading feed.

We are looking for feedback from the community. For those who are interested in our challenges or free monthly competition, please let us know your thoughts.

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  1. I know many various funded trader programs and projects which can do this for you. My favourite is Rehold io. $OP staking is 200% APR, 220% APR with $USDC staking and etc. It’s straight fire

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