Anyone else feeling this way?

Been many years coming. When we break 100k what would you do?

50 thoughts on “Anyone else feeling this way?”

  1. Do not do the “I told you so”. Nothing to be gained except stroking your ego, lots to lose.

  2. I’m transitioning to “say nothing to anyone about your now extremely valuable asset”

  3. I’ve stopped talking about it. Annoyed my friends and family to death the past two years. If they didn’t do it then… I’m not going to encourage they FOMO in now.

  4. only with my GF. but it is more a playful I told you so than anything. Otherwise say nothing to anyone and hopefully it has a lot more head space to climb.

  5. As someone who’s been accumulating since 2016, I feel a sense of deep zen and ambivalence.

  6. I stay humble since 2017. First time because i was 90% down, second time because i was to greedy. And now? I plan to sell half of it at the end of this week.

  7. “Hate to say I told you so” – The Hives.

    I still remember being the butt of jokes in the IT department when they were worth $100. At that time, the saying was just to buy one BTC just to see what happens.

    Looks like that IT department didn’t have anyone who understood technology back then. They were like Forrest Gump looking confused by an Apple stock.

    But I never talked about this in our last reunion and nobody brought it up either. I won’t have to because everytime they see the news, they’ll remember.

  8. Don’t tell them so. When the next winter hits and Bitcoin is down 70%… family conversations get, awkward.

  9. I am bullish, however if it stayed at this price and never went higher we’d be disappointed.

    Lot of room to go – stay humble, but be sure to enjoy these short term wins

  10. they already know they fucked up, no need to rub it in. in fact, it’s probably even more humiliating if you don’t say anything at all.

  11. Its litterally me but in a negative way, im from italy so its hard and taxing investing ( expecially in crypto ) legally, and wanted my dad to buy one bitcoin last year, he said it was mostly bullshit ( he works in the national italian owned bank ), feels bad man

  12. Stay humble. The ultimate I told you so is financial independence. When you retire (whatever that looks like for you) and they ask how while they are still trapped in the rat race then you can remind them that you tried to give them advice

  13. I think the best reaction is still a timid, but very satisfied smirk, if someone else brings up the topic.

  14. Bitcoin is now everywhere in the news.

    That’s how you know you should be thinking about selling😂

  15. I got someone to buy one full bitcoin at 20k after 3 years of telling him to invest in it. Well just found out that he sold at 17k shortly after buying it.

    Now he’s telling me he lost money in bitcoin and not going to touch it. Sometimes you can’t make this shit up.

    Telling people one or twice but if they are too stupid to listen not pushing anyone anymore.

  16. I find my self talking less and less about it with people who aren’t in the space already. Nothing to gain from people knowing about how much I hold now.

  17. Ignore the noise. Stack sats.

    Let that be the I told you so. The naysayers will eventually come around on their own accord.

  18. Stay humble.

    I don’t even talk it about anymore but it’s funny when the people I tried to get into crypto ask me about it.

  19. To the average person? Stay humble.

    To the Buttcoiner? Don’t let them forget how arrogant and stupid they are/were.

  20. Until I get life changing money out of bitcoin, I’ll stay humble. Because if I really did believe in it, I could have put in 10x more.

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