Another scammer

I've been messaged today by apperently community manager of UniSwap. By the username it was apparent it is a scammer. Be aware of the user.

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  1. Uniswap Reddit Auto mod post

    1. Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with any site or person. Do not enter your Secret Recover Phrase into a pop-up window.
      Verify links are legitimate. Scammers often use these tactics.

    2. Beware of fake websites. The official website for Uniswap is

    3. Beware of fake Twitter/X accounts. The official Twitter is

    4. Our official Discord is

    5. Uniswap Support will never DM you. We only handle support through and
      Scammers use DMs to try and get access to your wallet.

    6. Do not click on suspicious links or files. This can lead to your device security being compromised.

    7. Do not “sync” or “validate” your wallet with any websites or forms. This is a scam. Never sync and share: QR Codes, Secret Recovery phrases, private keys, etc.

    8. Uniswap Labs has no plans for an airdrop, regardless of any information you may have seen elsewhere.

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  2. Yes this is a scam. Please everyone use caution. Only trust our official links.

  3. “`

    6 hours ago
    Hey ke7cfn,
    I’m Megan, Community Manager at Uniswap. We have some exciting news for you! Uniswap is giving away up to 200 UNI tokens, which are currently worth around $1300, to each Reddit moderator. The first 1000 people will receive twice the amount of tokens. This is our way of showing gratitude for your outstanding work and motivating you to continue supporting the blockchain community.
    Join the Airdrop Event Here
    We really appreciate what you do in the Reddit community, and we’d love for you to be a part of this special giveaway. It’s our second biggest airdrop ever; the first one happened in 2020, and we don’t want you to miss out this time.
    Some of our Reddit accounts have had problems lately, but we are working with Reddit to resolve them. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    Please be aware that you’ll need an active crypto wallet to receive these benefits. New or unused wallets won’t work. If you don’t have one, please ask a friend or family member for assistance. However, please note that each moderator can only receive the tokens once.
    Community Manager at Uniswap


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