Another day, another Record volume Candle on SushiSwap. $1.6M up 23% from the day before.

It was just yesterday that we had Record Volume on Sushi that was over 5x the previous record set two days prior. Todays Volume on SushiSwap set another Record, ~$1.6M to be exact – an increase of 23% from yesterdays record volume of ~$1.3M and further shrinking all other historical candles.

There is speculation that CDC, is just acting as a broker and filling buy/sell orders of Moons through SushiSwap. Which would be part of the reason has an insanely high spread for buys/sells. This means the listing on CDC could indirectly be pumping our SushiSwap Liquidity numbers, which is great for Liquidity providers who take fees on all sales.

With another record Volume day it's a good time to be in the Moon fam. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

38 thoughts on “Another day, another Record volume Candle on SushiSwap. $1.6M up 23% from the day before.”

  1. This screenshot will go to my Moons dedicated room once Moons flip that 1/6 of Safemoons ath mcap and go to $10

    Aesthetic and Moons history right there

  2. For those curious the annual APR is currently 280% for liquidity providers from all the Moon Sales over the last day.

  3. I feel so dumb for not having opened my vault before today. But I’m happy for all of you

  4. I wish CDC would just let us add liquidity to their website as opposed to being a “broker and filling buy/sell orders of Moons through SushiSwap”.

  5. Moons are finally grown up – With daily volumes over 1m$ and the size of this sub, big exchanges simply can’t ignore Moons any longer. I’m convinced CDC was just the beginning.

  6. They probably do this on lower market cap coins, easy to interface via code with a DEX like sushi and perform the swap in real time. No need to hold coins that could be extremely volatile.

  7. Can I have your insight regarding to my situation, should I sell my moon right now or hold it until the price of the more increase again?

  8. Let’s see if we can hit 2.5M volume tomorrow, I was going to say 2M but that sounded too low.

  9. moons are mooning 😏 i hope one day we can see moons in the top 200/100 cryptos

  10. Well tomorrow is Thursday, don’t forget Coinbase lists go out this day.

    They might have a surprise for us and list MOONS tomorrow.!

  11. CDC isn’t listed as an “exchange” doing transactions (on coingeckgo) regarding moons, but sushiswap is in the top/2nd place in transactions so, yes, I believe CDC is using sushiswap to fill it’s Moon orders.

  12. I wonder how many days until we don’t have a new ATH for volume, hopefully this train keeps going

  13. It has over a million on gate io as well. Moons could be the next PEPE lol

  14. Well I’ll be damned. This has been one beautiful day after another in the crypto space, but one horrific hellscape day after the other in the real world

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