Announcing Partnerships with Celer and Camelot to Bridge and Trade MOON on Arbitrum One

Moons are now bridgeable to ETH mainnet and Arbitrum one via Arbitrum’s official bridge!

To clarify this is not a migration, but rather a two-way bridge. If you wish to keep your Moons on Arbitrum nova that is perfectly fine, and as of now exchanges only support deposits on Arbitrum nova.

As a warning this is somewhat technically intensive for the uninitiated and requires ETH on Arbitrum nova, mainnet, and Arbitrum one to complete. Two mainnet transactions are required, one to claim Moons on mainnet and another to bridge Moons from mainnet to Arbitrum one.



  1. Go to (double check the URL on your screen matches)

  2. Select Nova to Ethereum

  3. Select token, enter Moons contract on Arbitrum nova: 0x0057Ac2d777797d31CD3f8f13bF5e927571D6Ad0

  4. Approve and bridge

7 days later

  1. Claim the Moons on Ethereum

  2. Select networks, Ethereum to ONE

  3. Select token and Enter Ethereum Moons contract, ( approve and bridge

  4. Wait few minutes and claim the Moons on ONE


Unfortunately this bridge takes 7 days to complete, and given mainnet gas fees have to be paid twice it likely will not make sense for small dollar amounts of Moons to be transferred through the official bridge.

Thankfully on March 20th Celer protocol will be supporting moons via a pools model to allow for users to bridge moons directly between Arbitrum nova and Arbitrum one without having to wait a week. Celer is also providing incentives for bridge LPs: 285,000 Celer tokens will be distributed over the first 60 days the bridge is live.

Additionally, Camelot will be Moons official dex on Arbitrum one. They are offering additional incentives to dex LPs in the form of their native token GRAIL + additional ARB rewards (this is decided every 2 weeks so the amount will be confirmed before next epoch).

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5 thoughts on “Announcing Partnerships with Celer and Camelot to Bridge and Trade MOON on Arbitrum One”

  1. Celer is a great team pushing the way towards blockchain interoperability! Been keeping an eye on them for years, don’t think any of their bridges have ever experienced a hack/exploit !

  2. I have nothing more to say than amazing work by everyone involved, its been exciting and a great privilege to be in frontier of crypto adoption

    Very important step for future of Moons, these past months showed true power of the community 🌕🔥

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