Announcing MetaMask Snaps

At MetaMask, our mission is to spark a movement that embraces decentralized innovation. With features that you can install to customize your wallet, MetaMask Snaps is the next leap forward toward a future that is infinitely scalable. Snaps are built by talented independent developers to extend the capabilities of your MetaMask wallet.

MetaMask Snaps Open Beta is a first look at what's possible and most suited to crypto power users who are comfortable trying new features.

Explore and install Snaps that make your wallet even more innovative with interoperability, transaction insights, and notifications directly in MetaMask, only available in MetaMask Extension v11.0 and up (Firefox Extension available by September 19).

You can find a list of the list of allowed Snaps here:

Remember: Never click a link you don't trust. You can safely find and install Snaps from the Snaps Directory.

2 thoughts on “Announcing MetaMask Snaps”

  1. Hey there.

    Is there a place on the r/Metamask sub to ask basic questions?

    I’ve looked at the metamask site and reviewed their user guides… they are neat and all, but very confusing. I just want to ask a few questions and get some (hopefully simple) answers.

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