And so it continues… 1.5 Trillion dollar asset manager “Franklin Templeton’ files for a Bitcoin SPOT ETF

So this just came out a few minutes ago. It looks like Franklin Templeton has filed for a spot ETF.

Now hear me out… I don't want to buy that guy who ODes on Hopium, but at this point, and with all of the asset managers (Fidelity, WisdomTree, BlackRock, Ark, etc.) filing for Spot ETFs..It feels like they know for a fact that they'll be accepted.

Or…. (if when want to go conspiracy mode) they simply want to crash the markets whenever that happens because I can only imagine the damage done to the price when they all get rejected.

Either way, exciting times ahead… The ETFs, the halving, the U.S elections. Fingers crossed.

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50 thoughts on “And so it continues… 1.5 Trillion dollar asset manager “Franklin Templeton’ files for a Bitcoin SPOT ETF”

  1. The SEC is going to need a bigger shelf for all these Bitcoin ETF applications.

  2. Bitcoin is gonna explode in price in a few years, it’s gonna be insane with all the new investors coming in

  3. Soon every single asset manager will apply for a spot BTC ETF and the SEC will be overwhelmed

  4. SEC has about 36 Bitcoin ETC application folders on it desk

    I think the SEC is about to get a burn out

  5. At this point every asset management and their grandma is applying… The question is who gets accepted first and when.

  6. They see an opportunity to make money, that take it. It’s not that complicated

  7. Since tech stocks are slowing down, these guys are looking for the next big thing. They’re trying to catch the big crypto wave for that sweet 10x or even 100x

  8. What matters the most is that at least one is accepted, so all the others can adjust consequencially.
    In a way, having more ETF by different managers is a step toward decentralization.

  9. All of these gigantic asset managers wouldn’t be filing for ETFs if they didn’t think there isn’t a chance they will get approved

  10. It is actually pretty fun to watch how the SEC resists this much pressure, they will have to approve at some point.

  11. They will get approved, probably next year. They won’t dare to go against blackrock

  12. I mean they can’t turn them all down, especially now they have been called out on futures EFTs being more risky than spot

  13. Franklin Templeton sounds like old money. Like they were founded by old colonial dudes who wear white wigs.

  14. The SEC standing in the way of innovation and technological progress is most likely going to be their downfall. They will lose so much face once they back down that it’s impossible for them to keep the same level of authority after that.

  15. The resistance from SEC is merely to strengthen their importance, after losing so many cases in court.

  16. You apply for a spot Bitcoin ETF, you apply for a spot Bitcoin ETF, you apply for a spot Bitcoin ETF, everybody applys for a spot Bitcoin ETF!

  17. I don’t know who that is but the fact that more and more are coming out to try to get approved means it’s highly likely inevitable.

    Especially in that etfs are in other places already.

  18. Slowly….then suddenly!

    Good to read all this bullish news after a red day yesterday.

  19. They will get approved when they tell the SEC to approve them. They are in this together. Both sides. They will manipulate the market until the time is right. That’s when they tell Gary to make the approval public.

  20. Keeping up with price action on a daily basis can be maddening. Long term I know which way price is headed. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Make your plan, ignore the FUD, DCA your way to victory. Cheers my friends!

  21. I think 2024 is going to be constant 🔥

    ARK’s final deadline is January 10th. All the other major ETF filings have their 3rd deadline in around January 15th, with their final deadline in March.

    I predict the SEC will bulk approval around Ark’s final deadline. This’ll pump the price up a bit.

    Then it launches sometime around the halving in 2024 and things go bonkers.

    Lastly, a Bitcoin supporter will win the US presidency in November kickstarting the blow off top.

    Fuuuuuuuck, that was some strong hopium. I need a nap.

  22. The floodgates are opening, next halving is going to make al the lens before look like blips

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