AMA with FORE Protocol: Profit off Predictions!

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Hello, r/cryptocurrency – thanks for hosting us once again!

From our recent product launch to new features and listings, join us on December 14th, 2023 at 12:00PM UTC to learn what's in store for FORE.

Since our last AMA, we’ve successfully launched our first solution FORE Predict. It’s the first of its kind: a truly people-powered predictions platform where you earn rewards for creating, participating in, and validating prediction markets.

Whether NFT prices, crypto volatility, sporting events, the next US president, or even the next viral meme, you can take a position on the future outcome of any event on FORE. You can find any market on FORE, or create it if you don’t! Creating markets allows you to ‘become the bookmaker’ and earn a share of the market – regardless of the outcome. Participate in markets against other users with low fees, better odds, and transparent and trustless payout. And you can even earn up to 50% of platform fees just by using the platform!

FORE Predict is live now, and thousands of users are already earning by creating, participating in, and validating markets. Learn more, or come and join us!

FORE Predict is powered by the FORE token on the Arbitrum network. We’ll be giving away 1,000 FORE for your participation in this AMA, and we’ll have even more surprises and prizes in store during the AMA 🔥

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21 thoughts on “AMA with FORE Protocol: Profit off Predictions!”

  1. Fore has burned 1,000 moons to host this AMA, and is giving away 1,000 FORE tokens and other prizes for participation in this AMA.


    Current daily discussion is here:

  2. If there’s anything we’re known for around here it’s making accurate predictions

  3. I think it is a fun betting thing, and I already know a Polygon network dapp called Polymarket that works on same concept.

    Do you have plans to redesign a site a bit to look more user friendly? Add relevant pictures to the categories of predictions. At least on mobile it looks a bit too basic right now, otherwise sounds cool.

  4. How does someone use FORE Predict? And importantly, how does someone profit on FORE Predict?

  5. I’d be happy to bet against any prediction Cramer makes! Sounds really interesting since you can create an event.

  6. What specific features or advantages does FORE offer compared to existing prediction markets, including Polymarket?

  7. What are the key features and components of the Fore Protocol ecosystem, such as governance, staking, and liquidity pools?

  8. But why should I bet on a prediction of a certain asset or game result when I could simply open a position and accomplish the same thing in a more straightforward way? What makes your product better than that of a simple exchange, broker or sport betting site?

  9. What will be the usability of the Fore token and what are the tokenomics of the token? Will it also be rewarded to users according to their wager?

  10. Is there a link to your last AMA?
    So this is like a (more) decentralised betting platform?

    If I create a market for something like “EtH is losing his job as Manchester United coach in the next 4 weeks” I could earn FORE for creating this and then the earnings are dependend on how many people are betting on this?

  11. Hi there, glad to participate in your AMA!

    What kind of protections does FORE have against Sybil-like attacks on the protocol?

    My guess is something Thales Market does, where it implements token pools per prediction and thus liquidity itself measures impact per trade, therefore preventing a side from “overbetting”

  12. what are the tokenomics? What is the total supply and what is the circulating supply?

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