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  1. I know it is not a risky one, but I bet on the launch of the Recover service being indefinitely postponed.

    If they don’t announce this, IMO they have lost touch with reality (not only the service is infuriating current users, but with all the bad comments it is receiving the launch would be a failure if they insist on going ahead and kill the product due to lack of adoption).

  2. What is concerning about the AMA headline though is that it just says “feedback on Ledger Recover”.

    I hope they have heard that Recover was just a trigger, and customer concerns go way beyond this specific product.

  3. Most probably open sourcing and postponing of the recovery service news will be given. Otherwise it is useless.

  4. Me after moving my assets out of ledger because a HW was supose to keep the seed to itself and not send it to a random server, seeing the whole debacle unfolding while Ledger try to save its reputation.

  5. This’ll finalize whether or not I continue to use my Ledger wallet. In the meantime, still waiting for my Trezor to ship.

  6. They wont show the real feedback, they will just gaslight their community and say “yOuR sEcReT kEY iS sAfE”.

  7. It’s foing to be filled with trolls and angry people spamming the same thing over and over again.

  8. Twitter is not the right format for an AMA.
    Nobody is going to be asking anything, it will be a non stop rant from the higher ups about how “toxic” the community is.

    Want to build back trust ?
    Do an AMA on Reddit, spontaneous talk is not your strong suit.

  9. Even if they totally reverse their stance, it’s still crazy to me that anyone at Ledger thought this was a good idea knowing who their customers are. If anyone in management thought the best answer to, “Do you think we should allow private keys to be exported from our hardware?” was, “Yes”, they shouldn’t be management in that company.

    And if you still insisted that it’s something self/custody crypto users wanted, have it be a different product… “Nano Recover” or something.

    Even if it’s implemented exactly as they state and it’s the best intentioned, it’s just adding attack surfaces to lose your keys. You don’t think bad actors are going to try and produce fake IDs to have someone else’s keys be restored to a different Ledger device? Kids do that to get into a nightclub underage. Now the incentive is, “Get all of someone’s crypto”.

  10. Let’s not be too naive here. Ledger is a large company that primarily prioritizes its investors and revenue. I highly doubt they will delay the Recovery service or create a separate wallet for it. It’s probably just going to be the same explanation we’ve been hearing repeatedly for the past 4-5 days.

  11. This is not going to go the way they want. This will be the end of Ledger selling products with the individual crypto enthusiasts in mind.

    They will pivot to corporate customers, as regulations, both EU financial and EU consumer, will rip Ledger a new one from both ends. They are already placating to financial regulatory rules, so we know the war happened last year in secret, and we lost.

  12. Strange. The actual reaction has nothing to do with Recover – it was just the trigger that that made a lot of people realize that Ledger never had the implementation their marketing sold.

    I assume they will try their best to make sure to not have to answer for that.

  13. Probably trying to sell us on the 2.2.1 device software update. Ledger recovery 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. Biggest blunder. I have lost much trust and now I will never consider it any more secure thn mobile wallet

  15. open sourcing is the only solution now … Or ledger will die … Trust is broken. We will not believe them anymore. We need to verify. Open sourcing or this is the end of ledger… But i think they are stupid and they will say that WE don’t understand…

  16. It’s just spitting in the face of current users. IMO business wise, they are looking for new customers, especially ones that are keeping their crypto on exchanges. Now they have incentives like “Don’t worry, your keys are safe, and we can recover them for you”. It’s bullshit and fuck Ledger for that

  17. All they are going to do is reinforce how dumb I am and they are the gods of the crypto space and I should be honored to hand over my keys to them.

  18. AMA and I might answer the questions if we like them. It’s going to be a farce.

  19. Ledger, I want a full 100% refund for all my ledgers.

    I advise people to do the same:

    – If you bought it, ask for a REFUND.
    – If you’re considering buying one (What’s wrong with you??), DON’T

  20. So do I understand is correct. In 2020 they leaked millions of personal data with home addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, so for 2 years I was getting scam calls from India to scam me. Now, they say they will not get access to seeds, but if government ask them, they do, but no worry you can trust us. For me my new ledger order is cancelled and I am moving on to trezos. My trust is over and number of mistakes too high volume to walk away.

  21. They won’t go open source.
    Because of secure element secure chip.
    And all this shit show which actually is shocking to many like me.
    Been using nano s for years and trusted ledger.
    But not anymore.

  22. You know who else had a bunch of AMA’s when people were losing faith…. Celsius

  23. Question, a point was made in the what bitcoin did podcast, when the nano x came out, people lost their minds about the Bluetooth integration and attack vector. But years later, nothing actually happened and it’s perfectly safe? So what’s the difference with this?

    • While C-levels were sticking with the technically correct “Keys never leaves the device”… At which point did the C-Level’s become aware that Marketing Department had been creating the impression the Secure Element was immutable and only used for signing?
  24. My hope is the creation of either a new product – one that’s really airgap’ed or detailed HOWTO/software that any one can deploy on a raspberry pi or other mr SBC.

  25. TLDR

    Ledger needs to admit they knowingly hid behind misinformation, without correcting the narrative.

    Ledger must admit

    1. The Ledger was capable of extracting your seed phrase all along. (Although the feature is “never activated” in their closed source firmware)

    2. The company mislead people to believe no one (including Ledger, with a firmware update) could access your seed phrase. (Ledger says it was a rouge tweet. In reality it was the reason I, and many other bought the product. You made no attempt to dispel this misinformation. It was widely cited across Twitter at the time IMO.)

    3. That opt in means law enforcement, criminal etc could force me to “opt in” under duress.

    4. A government or criminal could create an update, for the device, that extracts your seed phrase.

    5. That the Ledger CEO poorly executed the launch of Ledger Recover.

    6. That the CEO handled the aftermath of the situation poorly. (No one but Pascal was super rude on their initial Twitter space on this issue, for example.)

    (7) They finally admitted law enforcement could force them to give the seed phrase to them.)

    I personally am not concerned about my crypto being taken by thieves or authorities in person. I just don’t like that, IMO, Ledger knowingly rode a wave of misinformation towards their success.

    Sorry it’s long and might sound stupid. I’m just sad 😞 I mean no hate toward anyone, including Ledger.

  26. God damn i bought two ledegers three weeks ago and now i can’t even return them after 2 weeks has passed

  27. The Ledger Recovery service won’t bring in the non-tech savvy because it’s still way too complicated for them to use for transacting and or trading.

  28. Lol – your damage control AMA will get no where.

    Ledger deserves to lose very single last customer.

    Those that do stay deserve to lose their crypto.

    Not your keys not your crypto

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