[AMA] RCC MarketCap – Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Reddit S**** Tokens!

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RCCMarketCap.com (check it out)

My fellow Hodlers,

Hi, I’m u/ConeDesk. And I’ll be your MC for this AMA! 👋

We’ll be answering questions LIVE on X about our new website and preparing for the launch of $BUCKET token – the newest addition to the r/communitycurrency family.

(Our live session will run 2 hours: 2:48-4:48pm EST on Saturday, June 8)

$MOONS, $CONE, & $BUCKET are proud members.

Here’s a little bit about me and the team before we get started:

ConeDesk Logo designed by u/_ships

🌕 The “ConeDesk” moniker started as a quick quip — but now's become an extended joke that's lasted two years, and now, somehow runs a business. Here's some quick facts:

  • I’m a professional $MOONS panic seller and buyer
  • I'm Moderator for:
  • r/ConeHeads,
  • r/Bucketheads (Head Mod & launching $BUCKET token today btw), and
  • r/communitycurrency , a collective of reddit-based community run cryptocurrencies (including favorites like our very own $MOONS and $CONE 
  • In IRL, before becoming a full-time meme lord I worked in startups, NGOs, and the theatre industry as a Producer. So, ventures like RCCMarketCap.com which combine art and finance are my bread and butter. Go to RCCMarketCap.com


  • https://www.reddit.com/user/ConeDesk/

+ https://x.com/ConeDesk ]

Caffeinated Coder Avatar by sending_tacoz

🌕 Developer, Techno-King, Reddit Avatar Artist, and jack of all trades Sending_Tacoz can be reached at: https://x.com/send_tacoz

enjoyoor is the mysterious one

🌕 Business Development & all things partnerships are managed by enjoyoor:


Go to RCCMarketCap.com

OKAY — on with the show!

RCCMarketCap is a new service that aggregates tokens from all over Reddit into one place (including $MOONS, of course). 🌕


Ever since $MOON’s launch in the spring of 2020 and the January 2021 GME gamma squeeze from our degenerate cousins at r/wallstreetbets, we’ve become pretty obsessed with the economy growing out of Reddit and the Memeconomy in general.

We noticed that our favorite niche subreddit tokens were hard to follow, and the big players like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko didn’t really care about our microcap bags. Even when they did, the info was pretty barebones—good luck doing quality DYOR. So, we decided to build something ourselves.

I still use CoinMarketCap (owned by Binance, by the way) and CoinGecko (they seem pretty chill but they did just get hacked, so..) The simple fact is:

They still don’t treat our beloved s***coins (tokens) with the respect they deserve!

So why use our service?

Because we take the memeconomy seriously— whether the media, pop culture, or BTC Maxis like it or not, memes and our heavy bags of $DonutMoonConeEnu are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Plus! If you message us with features or tokens you’d like listed, we’ll actually respond, take your advice, and then add them. (Try Us. Dare you)

Come visit the Moon section and tell us what we can do to make your $MOONS gazing experience the best it can be: https://rccmarketcap.com/currencies/moon

Really, stop by RCCMarketCap.com and complain your heart out!


+ What’s next?

News and articles written by , users, and by Reddit Community Leaders from all around Reddit.

+ What else?

We’re trying to add an arcade where you can earn crypto like $BUCKET and $CONE – seriously.

+ You’re launching a token why?

r/Bucketheads – the sister sub of r/ConeHeads and r/communitycurrency member, will be listed on a dex later today! If you missed $CONE, you won’t want to miss this! (4:48PM EST – June 8 is the exact launch time – but lets keep that secret)

+What is  ?

Community Currency is a community reward platform created by Reddit users for Reddit users. Community Currency empowers users and moderators to earn on their own terms.

Users get paid a base reward amount for every upvote they earn on posts submitted within participating subreddits.

Read here for more: https://www.reddit.com/r/communitycurrency/comments/1cz88xg/community_currency_empower_your_community/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web3x&utm_name=web3xcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

HEADS UP (AGAIN – anyone who comments will be entered into our raffle to win one of the five CCmoons memberships! Go to) RCCMarketCap.com

50 thoughts on “[AMA] RCC MarketCap – Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Reddit S**** Tokens!”

  1. RCC Marketcap burned 4,312 moons to rent the banner, sponsor this poll and host an AMA.

    Transaction: https://nova.arbiscan.io/tx/0x94ebc9901c671e3141d4ef2692384f17075b32faea800ca73212b9d21efa186e

  2. Does RCCmarketcap plan to add a feature in the future where users can buy those RCCs directly through them making the whole experience smoother and easier ?

  3. Now we need an option to short these coins

    I would be a millionaire in no time

  4. RCCMarketCap is great, easy to see and track everything on the same page. Excited for the $Bucket launch!

  5. I regularly use this site to keep track of my reddit crypto’s.

    If you are in a rush, I can’t recommend this enough. Having to find the contract address and navigating 5/6 different cryptos through dextools is a nightmare. This site has and will always be a game charger within this crypto bubble 🫡

    Also, there’s no option to connect wallet. Which is a good thing, 0 chance of getting scammed/hacked using this site 🤩

  6. Hype CD. This projects been in the works for a long time and it shows. Excited for what’s next!

    !tip 6969

  7. Some people hate the meme coins. I like them for what they are. Interesting website!

  8. This is amazing, just saw this on twitter, thanks Sam and you too Conedesk. I’ve been learning a lot from you guys in a variety of places and ways, along with countless other folks too – but I’m stoked to see this.

    Gave it a peruse but since I’m fairly active here, I’m guessing it isn’t entirely focused on someone like me potentially. I’ve got to jet but in a bit I will give it a proper reading!! Always love news!

  9. I love RCCmarketcap. For me, it’s the go-to source for Reddit-based community currencies.

    The developer (Sending_Tacoz) is a great guy who’s put a lot of work into this project. The listed tokens are mostly on Polygon, as it was started mainly to track Cone and partners of Cone, which are on Polygon.

    Reddit tokens I’d like to see added in the future:

    • Banano
    • Stellar Shroomz
  10. Hey Conedesk, I won’t be there for the X discussion, so I’ll throw this here:

    Like many of us, I watched MOONS go from:

    -a fun idea that made Reddit crypto stand out…

    -to a mechanic that encouraged mass downvoting and backbiting…

    -to a tire fire as Reddit shut the system down…

    -to a little crypto phoenix rising from the ashes.

    I mean this with genuine curiosity, not any kind of malice: why continue to develop token programs that mainly (for now) exist via Reddit?

    Thanks (and CONE!)

  11. Do you think it will one day be possible to build a virtual space where we can talk in a 3D world (maybe with minigames) while equiped with our RCAs?

  12. Would RCC market cap support other non rcc tokens and oerhaps even non polygon chain tokens in the future ?

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