AMA November 30, 2023 with 3Commas – We turn TradingView charts into deal-seeking automated bots

I'm Irakli Guntaishvili, a Product Owner at 3Commas. As one of the leading cryptocurrency trade automation platforms, we're excited to introduce our latest innovation: the Signal Bot (beta). Signal Bot makes it easier to create a killer bot that can do more than just Grid or DCA strategies by simplifying the incorporation of TradingView alerts and signals directly into the bot. It receives alerts from TradingView and opens positions, offering users the ability to manage these positions by increasing or decreasing them as needed.

I'm here to address any inquiries you may have about automating crypto trading strategies, ranging from simple to complex, using signals from market intelligence platforms like TradingView. While my primary focus is on TradingView users, given that our latest bot, the Signal Bot, is tailored to their needs, I believe this conversation will be intriguing for anyone, including those who are not currently using TradingView or automated bot trading. It might serve as inspiration for you to explore these avenues further.

Signal Bot is primarily targeted at experienced crypto traders, but if you’re already using TradingView for your stock trading moves or for crypto market intelligence, you might find the transition to trading crypto with Signal Bot to not be the big leap it is for others.

What is 3Commas?

3Commas is a software platform that allows traders to automate their strategies at scale by using bots and other tools. Basically, our bots do all the chartwatching and buy/sell actions for you according to the conditions and parameters you decide. Our multi-pair bots can watch 200 coin pairs at the same time, hunting for deals that meet your conditions, with assistance from signals and indicators either set up by you or delivered via a trusted 3rd party such as TradingView.

Between Signal Bot, DCA Bot, Grid Bot, and Smart Trade, almost any trading strategy you can dream up, including extremely complex maneuvers, can be executed with 3Commas trade facilitation tools.

We are not a brokerage, and we do not have custody of client funds at any time. Our software works by creating an encrypted API connection between your 3Commas account and your account on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, OKX, etc. and sending commands to execute actions allowed by those exchanges.

Start time: 16:00 UTC/GMT, November 30, 2023

End time: 18:00 UTC/GMT, December 2, 2023

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  1. 3Commas burned 2,800 moons to host this AMA.


  2. I’ve heard lots about 3Commas a long time ago and am actually interested in trying the platform out.

    Count me in!

  3. What kind of ready-made strategies does it have? Ex: can it do Long and Short exits simultaneously?

  4. Is it possible to use 3commas if I’m using a non custodial wallet, say Metamask?

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