[AMA & Giveaway] We’re Doge Labs – the primary infrastructure provider for Dogecoin Ordinals (Doginals). Ask us about Ordinals, Dogecoin, or both! EVERY question asked wins a unique Dogecoin Identity PFP on Doginals.

Hi r/CryptoCurrency,

This is Chris, co-founder of Doge Labs. We are the primary infrastructure provider within the Dogecoin Ordinals (aka 'Doginals') ecosystem.

Doge Labs established the first token standard on Dogecoin, as well as launched the first-ever fully automated market on DOGE through a technical breakthrough we call PSDTs (partially signed Dogecoin transactions).


I've been a member of r/CC since 2018 – so I'm really excited to do this. Ask Me Anything about Dogecoin, Ordinals, Doginals, or… well, anything else!

But first, maybe some background…

What are Ordinals?

To over-simplify things:

  • Ordinals are a means of creating NFTs by attaching data (texts, images, videos, etc.) to an atomic unit (satoshi for Bitcoin, shibe for Dogecoin) on the base blockchain.
  • There are no links to external platforms required, no external hosting for images needed, etc. It's all handled natively on-chain.
  • By indexing – or numbering – every shibe/satoshi mined from each block, the data upon them becomes trackable and thus allows it to be stored, kept, and traded.
  • “Inscriptions” are the contents of an ordinal NFT itself, which can be images, texts, videos, etc. We call them “Shibescriptions” on Doge.

So what are these Doginal things?

Dogecoin Ordinals, or 'Doginals', are a brand new functionality and utility for Dogecoin.

They enable users to write (inscribe) information that is stored on the smallest individual units of a Dogecoin (aka 'shibes').

Simply put: Doginals are crypto assets on Dogecoin.

You might recall a few headlines regarding transactions on Doge surpassing Bitcoin and Ethereum's combined back in May/June of this year. Well, that wasn't just happenstance…


This coincided with the first easily-accessible release of Dogecoin Ordinals, and the overwhelming majority of this volume was made of individuals deploying, minting, and sending inscriptions.

Due to the characteristics of DOGE as a blockchain (cheap fees mixed with quick transaction times), users could experiment with creating and minting tokens and NFTs for fractions of a penny, on scales never really done before – certainly not entirely on-chain, at least.

In fact, even as far back as August, Doginals have had far more inscriptions than Bitcoin Ordinals, Litecoin Ordinals, Ethscriptions, and Bitcoin Stamps – combined.


We like to think of Doginals as a kind of sandbox for Ordinal and on-chain NFT development, as the parameters for getting involved and innovating offer such a low barrier to entry.

The ecosystem itself is still incredibly new, and major players are just beginning to emerge. Because of the incredibly friendly cost, there are all sorts of people trying out new types and concepts of collections on the daily.

On the token side of things (drc-20), $DOGI has come out as a clear frontrunning favorite, as we just witnessed it surpassing 1,500,000 DOGE in trading volume. If you're familiar with Ordinals, $DOGI is basically $ORDI, but on Dogecoin (first token inscribed, 21 million supply, etc.). But even then, the drc-20 landscape is also young with many tokens attempting to establish their footing.

~ Giveaway ~

As an introduction to the Doginals ecosystem, every question* asked in today's AMA will be given a free Labradoge booster pack – which can be opened to reveal your very own unique, fully on-chain Dogecoin identity PFP.


up to like, uh, the first 1,000? These AMAs typically get around 50 or so comments, so I'm sure we'll be fine.*

Just drop your Doginal-friendly wallet address underneath your question to qualify! If you're on Chrome, feel free to use the Doge Labs Wallet extension if you need a quick address.

Labradoges act as your personal identifier in the Doginals ecosystem and our way of demonstrating Doginals' unique usecases. They feature over 5,000,000 NFT combinations, of which 99.8+% will be burned as you reroll your traits through the upcoming “Dog Park” integration.

There are also 21 one-of-one honoraries hidden in the supply, used to honor the history of NFTs and Ordinals at large.

Five of the 21 Labradoge honoraries hidden in the collection

Ask Us Anything!

While Doginals (might) sound pretty cool 😎, nothing comes without drawbacks – including many of the same arguments some people voice against Bitcoin's Ordinals and brc20.

If you're new to this space, an old hat, or just a skeptic, I'd love to hear any questions you might have.

  • How do I get started?
  • What's the catch?
  • Are these bad for the environment?
  • Is this really all on Dogecoin?
  • I still don't get it? What are these?

I take all questions in good faith, and would love to discuss even some of the more difficult topics if you're willing to have a discussion with me. 😄

Thanks for reading, and congrats for surviving this bear market thus far. I'm personally more bullish than ever on crypto as a whole, but I remember the aftermath of 2017/2018 and commend you all for sticking around.

– Chris

P.S. If you still have MOONs and would like to swap them for an additional Labradoge pack, we will honor the $0.23 price per MOON prior to Reddit's rug pull announcement because **** Reddit. 🙃 Just shoot me a DM.

Additional Resources:

  • Website: drc-20.org
  • Socials: Twitter, Discord, Medium
  • Need to know more? Our 1-minute Doginal deep-dive on Gitbook is great: HERE
  • Learn more about Labradoges: HERE

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23 thoughts on “[AMA & Giveaway] We’re Doge Labs – the primary infrastructure provider for Dogecoin Ordinals (Doginals). Ask us about Ordinals, Dogecoin, or both! EVERY question asked wins a unique Dogecoin Identity PFP on Doginals.”

  1. Dogelabs burned 600 moons to host this AMA (this occurred over a month ago).

    Transactions: https://nova.arbiscan.io/tx/0x2924dbd678addbf47551a75587323b8568d48e4bea7da4a28455c9d35a251043


  2. I think that the problem with ordinals is that they lack visibility or the barrier to entry is a little bit higher or appears intimidating to a novel user. The technicals and everything are impressive, but a 10 yr old kid can make a seed phrase send some money to OpenSea and buy an NFT on ETH (though itd have to be a rich kid to pay for gas lol). Im sure alot of this is first mover advantage but feels like ordinals have to play catch up to reach a broader demographic. It feels like it really needs a big big enterprise type solution to gain significant traction, is there anything like that or do you see anything like that coming down the pipeline that has that kind of reach?

    >we will honor the 0.23 price per moon prior to Reddit’s rug pull announcement because **** Reddit🙃

    The fact that this was in a Reddit post is hilarious lol thanks. They cost me $10k.

  3. Why did you decide to create this on doge instead of using existing functionality, on more volume blockchains?

    How many active devs are there doing work on doge? How many at dogelabs?

    How hard was it to add this functionality to doge, I know doge is a fork of LTC which is a fork on BTC, did you just take the code from other projects and make it work for doge? Was it much more complicated than that?

    Why do I need a new address to make use of doginals, and can’t use an older dogecoin address?

  4. >They feature over 5,000,000 NFT combinations, of which 99.8+% will be burned as you reroll your traits through the upcoming “Dog Park” integration.

    Can you expand on this? How did you get to this %, will everyone have to reroll their traits?

    >If you still have MOONs and would like to swap them for an additional Labradoge pack, we will honor the $0.23 price per MOON

    I can see some taking you up on the offer lol


  5. DFkHi36ZavBaoonx8kWZH43b3V1hahFPKQ

    Good shit, Gotta give you some respect man ,started here and came up, Put a good thing together and stayed true to it..What are your expectations for energy use going forward?is renewable energy taken advantage of in your business model?

  6. What sets DogeLabs apart from other blockchain projects?

    How does DogeLabs plan to address the issue of scalability in blockchain technology, especially considering the growing demand for faster and more efficient transactions?

    Thank you


  7. Hi Chris,

    As you said: “While Doginals (might) sound pretty cool 😎, nothing comes without drawbacks – including many of the same arguments some people voice against Bitcoin’s Ordinals and brc20.”

    Could you speak a bit more about the drawbacks Doginals has been facing within Doge community?



  8. Hi Chris, really much respect to you and your team, and i I wanna say that i I wanted to ask you and participate but right now i I high and kind forgot the question 😀

  9. D9ehTyokULktdZY3QNmpaVd1cWjfBPb1eL

    Let’s say I am a newbie in the NFT marketplace but I know enough about dogecoin, what do I do do next in order to:

    1. Get some NFTs as a collector

    2. Make some NFTs as an artist

    How different is it from minting an NFT on let’s say Polygon or ERC-20?

  10. Is your team independent, or are you affiliated at all with the core Dogecoin devs? Or possibly Dogechain?


  11. Is Dogecoin a security or commodity? Do you think Dogecoin will be around in 2030-35?

  12. I love the Dogecoin blockchain, way cheaper than Bitcoin for sure and definitely a contender in this area of ordinals (and ordinal theory, which I think is pretty neat) (and also dual mining, but that’s different)

    NFTs are cool, but honestly I think tokenization should be the way to go in the future. My questions are:

    1. What are the current systems for further development in tokenization of ordinal assets? (as we all know, scripting in Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. isn’t Turing-complete and thus has no support for advanced mechanisms like the smart contracts of EVM )
    2. Are there any plans for easier onboarding of new users, especially for tokens? (In their current form, it is still relatively cumbersome to be introduced to ordinals, let alone tokens)

    Thanks, and I look forward to your response/s!

  13. So, why doge from an end user perspective? Or is this mostly just because it’s a good test bench pre-prod type environment?

    Do you think this chain and its uses will ever really get legitimised beyond a joke/meme?

    It seems like doge (the chain) has very little to no development compared to others, do you expect this to be a problem in the future, or is it an acceptable limitation?

  14. I’d love to have one of these gorgeous doge nfts on my soon to be Ledger Stax!

    How many people are on this project? Is this your first NFT project?


  15. What is the impact on Doge? Does this have a significant slowing effect on the network ala Ordinals? On a non-question note, always nice to see Doge doing something fun. I don’t own Doge, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the guys that got me in to crypto with their community.

  16. Not question about Dogecoin ordinals since fees are very low there anyways, but more for Bitcoin ordinals. What would be your argument to say that ordinals are not detrimental to Bitcoin, and aren’t just a way to congest Bitcoin network for something that possibly does not have much usecase?


  17. With ordinals is the whole NFT embedded into the chain or is it just a key which is then used to point to a jpeg on a CDN?

  18. How will doginals differentiate themselves to be more than a test/try-out for the other Ordinals?


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