AMA & $2000 Giveaway With VinuChain – The World’s First ZERO FEE EVM Chain

Hey, r/cryptocurrency!

We are super excited that you guys have decided to host VinuChain for an AMA.

Just to provide a little background on our team, I am the Co-founder of VinuChain have been in the crypto space since 2017 and was originally involved in community work with Nano and later another feeless network called Vite, and before that, ran a branding company for 8 years.

Elemont is the CEO and has worked in traditional finance banking for more than 10 years as well as crypto from 2017 on various projects including VINO and Vite.

Tylerrdm is also the Co-founder of VinuChain and has a background in economics and public policy and philosophy and has worked at NordVPN.

All three of us are also the Co-founders of Vita Inu (VINU), the fast and feeless memecoin.

One of the Tech Leads for VinuChain (Samuele) has Co-authored multiple papers in machine learning in addition to EIP-5375 for Ethereum Foundation.

AMA START TIME: October 16, 16:00 UTC

AMA END TIME: October 16, 18:00 UTC

VinuChain Network

VinuChain is a groundbreaking blockchain project that encompasses the best of both worlds – innovation and scalability. As a DAG-based EVM chain, VinuChain boasts one-second finality and near-infinite scalability at a fraction of the cost of traditional blockchains, or zero cost to users who stake. VinuChain offers the unique advantage of 'Determinably Feeless' transactions to stakers through its Quota system.

The Quota System allows stakers of VinuChain's native token (VC) to access a specific quota of feeless transactions based on their stake amount. The new system ensures equitable distribution of transaction capabilities while eliminating direct transaction costs for stakeholders. It also offers non-stakers the flexibility to conduct transactions traditionally, paying the gas fees, thereby accommodating diverse user preferences within the network.

This system not only minimizes the friction associated with fees, but also opens the door to a range of real-world use-cases such as microtransactions, gamified experiences, and a more cost-effective DeFi landscape. With this innovative solution, VinuChain aspires to revolutionize the blockchain environment, making it more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly for all.

When compared with other chains that claim to be “zero fee”, there are some key advantages. Unlike most other zero fee chains, VinuChain is EVM compatible which is crucial for cross-platform integration and development which ultimately leads to a stronger developer ecosystem. Being EVM compatible also alludes to the fact that VinuChain is smart contract enabled, unlike some other zero fee chains. Lastly, VinuChain’s tokenomics have been structured in a way that we believe is more beneficial for holders than our peers, with the issuance of block rewards to assure security of the chain paired with the deflationary pressure of the burning of a portion of gas fees each transaction.

$VC Tokenomics

The VinuChain Coin (VC) begins with an initial total supply of 1,000,000,000 VC, and an initial circulating supply of less than 1/10th of this. Roughly $1,000,000 was raised from multiple rounds of fundraising, the majority of which has gone back into supporting the project as liquidity across its markets. VC is available for purchase on Gateio, Mexc, and Pancakeswap. Soon it will also be available for trading on our upcoming native DEX, VinuSwap or as a lending/borrowing asset on our upcoming DeFi dApp, VinuFinance.

Grants Program

If you are a developer interested in becoming one of the first-movers to VinuChain, we have launched a $7,000,000 Grants Program which you can apply to here to accelerate your VinuChain project! 

This $7,000,000 value is based on the VC token at launch price.

At the end of the AMA, $2000 worth of VC will be distributed to 50 people who reply with the best questions and their BEP20 or VinuChain address!

AMA START TIME: October 16, 16:00 UTC

AMA END TIME: October 16, 18:00 UTC




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37 thoughts on “AMA & $2000 Giveaway With VinuChain – The World’s First ZERO FEE EVM Chain”

  1. Why after the failure of Nano to stay relevant do you think that this time will be something different with VinuChain?

  2. Your website calls it a “ meme coin with real world Utility”, your white paper calls it a “governance token”. Which is it?

  3. i dont like that you advertise as feeless but your only feeless for stakers who use the quota system. how are you securing the network if there are so little fees and so far little decentralization?

  4. I’m sure the AMA will be very informative there are topics that everyone like me is very curious about.

  5. Could you elaborate on the tokenomics of VC and how it benefits holders, especially in terms of block rewards and the burning of gas fees?

  6. Vinu is an environmentally friendly green energy project. Full support until the end.

  7. What is your plan for releasing into circulation the other 900 million Vinu tokens? How are you going to avoid massive dips in prices because of the release?

    As a side note where can I get a wallet that is compatible with the VinuChain? Is such a wallet available on mobile?

  8. VINU has been a very interesting project that I be been following. So many interesting things in the works!

  9. Why should anyone move to this chain when there are so many out there that have already built up trust and work just fine. What’s going to convince me that this is the one?

  10. VinuChain has burned 6,000 moons to rent the sub banner for two days (16th and 17th October) and to host this AMA on the 16h of October.

    Transaction here:

  11. main question here is, how are developers getting paid and how long can they push this without big money inflow or VC token price increase?

  12. >gamified experiences

    Can you explain more this concept? How are you planing to offer gamified experiences?

  13. I’ve been looking forward to the launch of this project, it’s going to be a game changer.

  14. Great stuff – VinuChain looks massively promising, great to see projects that are fixing everything that is broken in blockchain… 5000 tps with 1sec finality makes it ready for global universal adoption!

  15. Q1. like the feeless, no-fee framework and the promised speeds of VinuChain – what projects and partners are lining up to build and grow with the ecosystem?

    Q2. what’s the size of the typical VinuChain developer grant?

    Q3. how does VinuChain address security and spamming risks in a different way to avoid the never-ending problems with other blockchains like sol and eth?

    TY! 0x78898b9d9BBe7729e5197e6948505273b03379DF

  16. Thanks for facilitating an AMA.

    I read the white paper and you have an interesting and innovative approach (at least, the parts I could understand).

    I note the Quota fee cash-back model applies between a certain threshold, where a predetermined minimum staked amount is required to be eligible, but a cap also applies to keep the model as equitable as possible.

    • are those predetermined thresholds fixed and can you advise what those values are?

    • would those thresholds benefit from being fluid longer term, to reflect the desired thresholds based on circulating supply and the value of the ecosystem at any given time?

    • is the quota model intended to be an enduring part of the ecosystem, and if so, how do you plan to balance incentivizing staking with maintaining fee revenue and retaining value in VC?

    The tokenomics refer to 10% initial private allocation. Who is in this category? Early investors that formed part of the initial $1m fundraising?

    Is there a roadmap for the release of the remaining VC tokens? It appears the circulating supply is inflated through block rewards to validators, but how long do you believe it will take to reach max supply?

    How do you plan to balance the inflationary and deflationary aspects to maintain the value of VC if these events don’t organically create a stable baseline? I.e. where a high proportion of users are receiving fee reimbursements so fees aren’t being burned at a high rate and counteracting the scale and rate of block rewards.

    10% of gas fees are allocated to the DAO Treasury. What will the DAO invest in and who does it benefit? Are stakers eligible for the fee reimbursement also members of the DAO?

    The white paper seemingly only makes a passing reference to the DAO near the back end. It would benefit from greater detail on the proposed structure, purpose and approach for the DAO.

    Thanks again for reaching out to the r/CC audience. Best of luck!

  17. Hello, nice to learn a bit about your project.
    I would like to ask this: what are your overall end goals with your project?

  18. Thanks for doing this.

    1. Can you explain the unique features of VinuChain that differentiate it from other blockchain projects?

    2. How is VinuChain working to navigate regulatory challenges and ensure it operations are in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations in various regions?

    3. What is your strategy for fostering a strong and active community of users and developers and how do you plan to drive mass adoption on the VinuChain ecosystem?

  19. What will happened to $vitavinu now $vc has been release.and how was the tokenomics of $vc?

  20. Why do you need to do a marketing campaign with a giveaway in order to stand out? Is the market too saturated or is your brand/product not good enough on its own?

  21. I had 2 Questions

    1. “The total supply of VINU at inception is 1 quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000).” I understand that it can be used for microtransactions and stuff, but why not pick a smaller number like a Billion or so? The incredibly high supply definitely has a negative Psychological effect.. I’m just wondering the though process that went in to decide the max supply.
    2. Can you provide more info for Decentralization(if that is the case) for the project?
    • How can people see this project as a serious/legit blockchain when you guys called it a “meme”?
    • 0xFf99529A1A79bD8c3daadBa20ef1d5D92d2A282B

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