Alternate Headline: “Old Man Doesn’t Understand Technology”

Why do people presume to confidently vomit their opinions despite not knowing what tf they're talking about?

26 thoughts on “Alternate Headline: “Old Man Doesn’t Understand Technology””

  1. Could be tangent to true in a sooper stretchy way.

    SN could start sending some of his 750K btc out – that would indicate that supply is not locked and is/will be available kinda “increasing” supply vs what was once thought is dormant. Or send it to unspendable addresses thus “erasing” some supply.

  2. You all should shut the fuck up. Do not interrupt. Let him talk. He’s helping you buy at discount. You stupid fucks. 😂

  3. JPM got all the gold of Rome and will always stay behind to throw dinner parties while it burns all around them getting sacked

  4. Because in addition to perfecting block chain technology, Satoshi also invented a toaster sized server that can manipulate all the data on every computer in the largest and most demanding protocol ever created. Don’t tell tho.

  5. Did this guy ever have any credibility before spouting off about something he knows nothing about?

    Surely his dad is rich and the company he works for runs on nepotism.

  6. This guy openly bashes BTC and at the same time increased the company Crypto team by 200% and is directly involved with Blackrocks Bitcoin ETF.

    All this selfish prick cares about is your money in his pocket and means to control it.

  7. The guy is so dumb he didn’t even say Satoshi. He called him Satashi. You’re going to speak bad about the project yet can’t even say the creator’s name right. He also has no clue how it works since he thinks this “Satashi” will pop up when 20mill coins are mined and say surprise.

  8. Tell me you have no idea how bitcoin works, without telling me you have no idea how it works…

  9. Understand your enemy and don’t underestimate them. Jamie is very intelligent and has his own strategy to work against BTC. He’s no dummy.

  10. Don’t know who is more annoying, Dimon or Schiff. Neither can stop bashing BTC.

  11. Bashing it but buying it at the same time, this dude is a world class turd

  12. You’re wrong, He definitely understands Bitcoin. He understands that Bitcoin will put banks out of business which is why he dislikes it. Banks create money, he benefits from working at a bank. Bitcoin threatens his power and money. I’d bet he personally owns Bitcoin because anyone deep into fiat knows inflation is eating at wealth, but he’ll never admit to owning Bitcoin to protect his wealth. Never trust a banker. JPM is an authorized participant for IBIT ETF, JD definitely signed off on that. He will capitulate when BTC is at new ATH and Chase shareholders are upset that Chase is lagging on profits. Expect Chase to offer private customers Bitcoin custody in the 5 years. Banks are goblins they only care about making money, when Chase figures out a way to make fees off Bitcoin custody he’ll do a press tour saying he’s been into Bitcoin for years

  13. He really thinks a 150+ year old “Satashi” will “erase” all the Bitcoin a century from now

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