Altcoins to go with in the next bullrun?

I will keep it short. Need honest feedback and suggestions what to buy before halving and new pumps.

Currently my bags look like this:

25% in BTC, 25% in ETH – 2 most popular, I think we can agree no mistake here.

20% split into DeFi projects – CVX since I am staking and voting, DAFI – also staking but on Polygon, and they are building Hybrid exchange, with a multi-chain order-book aggregator, and AI trading.

20% in AI projects – AIOZ for decentralized storage and streaming (mix of AWS and YouTube), and OCEAN that's into data economy on blockchain.

And 10% reserved for new projects. MUBI is there from BRC20 ecosystem and currently looking to add at least one more.


43 thoughts on “Altcoins to go with in the next bullrun?”

  1. I just filled up my bag with AIOZ and MUBI. Get your eyes on RNDR and FET as well.

  2. I’ll add some manta to my bags too, got launched on binance and trading live on a couple of exchanges. price was around 1.2 at Launch now trading at 2.4 as of the last time I opened my bitget app .

  3. In a bull run everything goes up, it’s just hard to know what’ll be the fastest horse.

  4. Reaaally depends on your portfolio size. If your’s is a 5K portfolio, ok. If it’s 50K I think you could bring more diversity into it.

    BTC & ETH I’m definitely with you there. However CVX and DAFI both appear to be last cycle tokens. Of course that is not inherently bad, but if you want to max your potential I think you might want to look into fresher tokens such as MANTA which literally launched today 😀 I also like MAV, HFT, SEI, NTRN and a bunch of others. Depending on your portfolio size, I just feel like you’re betting heavy on CVX and DAFI, so if those underperform you’ll feel left out, so I’d personally diversify more if possible.

  5. Big mistake in $BTC and $ETH at best you’re getting a 3-4x ? Only reason that would make sense here is if you have size and need the liquidity (aka you have 6 figures in BTC and ETH combined)

    I mean that’s cool from boomer land but 10x is min expectation. AIOZ is cool but you can get a higher beta play for AI and decentralized storage, look into $CLS for example.

    DeFi is cool, but I’d either cut that completely and move the funds into gaming or AI, or atkeats put it down to 10% and not 25%

    BRC projects are good $BTC beta.

    Dont read too much into this space, been here since 2015. It’s all vapor, use case doesn’t matter, if it did, Doge would’ve never hit 70 BILLION MCAP last cycle.

    Get in early, rotate your bags (don’t marry) and have a f*cking cash out plan. Follow me on Twitter @PoloXBT if you want to survive.

  6. I’ve got heavy bags of KUJI, INJ, RLB, and RDNT currently. I like DeFi exposure

  7. Will there even be a bull runs? I know historically there were always bull after halving but that’s basically timing the market. And usually the market can never be timed…

  8. Apreciate the down to earth non degen take with 50& of your portfolio in BTC+ETH. I do the same!

    The launch of the Dafi hybrid exchange surely is something to keep an eye on!

  9. Good portfolio. I like the fact that you’ve diversified your investments across trending sectors. I’m also a big fan of DAFI’s super staking on Polygon, and I believe that adding PEAQ or ADE, which are expected to launch soon, could complete your portfolio by including a DePIN token.

  10. a lot of boomer shit in this thread bro. I’d pick up some $SOL, $TIA, $SEI and $SUI for risky plays. Convert your $ETH into $BTC

  11. Add some LINK. Citi group predicts chainlink may take prominence over btc. Their team consists of computer scientists & ex google execs. Game changing tech & impressive partnerships including Dtcc (stock market), Swift, Oracle, Google Cloud, Jp morgan, ANZ, Goldman Sachs, etc.

    Small caps to consider: XDC & Origin Trail.

    My straight gamble play is SWFTC. Just b/c they have the lowest market cap on Coinbase. (only $7m) Easy to profit off of.

  12. SOL still has room to ~4-5x (maybe even more if the hype builds after Firedancer goes live).
    MATIC should gain back the interest it had a couple years ago when everything starts moving.
    RNDR has run a good bit, but should ~4-6x from current prices with this strong AI / decentralized computing narrative.
    HNT could see some nice ~10x gains with this DePin narrative going strong.
    NEAR could surprise everyone.

  13. With the hype on Brc20 tokens, I think MUBI will have a huge ROI. I think you should also research on post-quantum cryptography projects, they are also one of the emerging metas

  14. Great list, but consider exploring XTP. It just got listed on Bitfinex, and while the price may not be pumping hard, the key is that it’s creating awareness for XTP and the Tap platform.

  15. I’m focusing on SOL, AVAX, LINK, QNT and of course BTC & ETH. We’re still early for this next bull run but just keep stacking. 2025 is going to be life changing with the proper exit strategy

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