Algorand (ALGO) should hit $2.00 per coin (currently $0.24)

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Algorand (ALGO) should hit $2.00 per coin (currently $0.24)

Algorand ALGO crypto review 2023. Algorand is cheap at $0.24 per coin, the previous all time high for the ALGO token is $3.56, that alone shows the ability to go up to an 11x, so it’s safe to say there’s a tasty profit to be made. So watch now as I give my ALGO Algorand crypto review. Want to see which coins I’ve put my money in? See the FULL LIST at m I am not a financial advisor and the information provided is simply my opinions. Remember to speak to a financial advisor before making any significant investments. TLDR – ALGO Algorand crypto review 2023

11 thoughts on “Algorand (ALGO) should hit $2.00 per coin (currently $0.24)”

  1. Would love it if you would take a look into Arcblock ABT truly a hidden web3 gem. Would love to hear your opinion on it. Could be the equivalent to your fantom call in the past. 186m total max supply with great utility.

  2. haaaaay Jimbo. great content buddy.
    i bought Algo 3 years ago at 44 cents. then staked it and became a governor.
    So it was locked when it ran to $2.50 .
    So i did not take any profits and watched it come all the way down to 16 cents. very hard watching that happen.
    I never sold though. still holding.
    I see it going to 5 dollars or more this time.
    But i still dont think i will sell. at least not all of it.
    Its like bitcoin. most would have sold bitcoin when it hit 5 dollars , if they had gotten in at 44 cents.
    But I want to be the guy who holds until it see's hundreds per coin.
    in 10 years that is very probable.

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