After 2 years, John Karony finally announces that the Safemoon exchange will take another 6-8 months

Below is the attached quote from JK’s twitter.

This is just laughable at this point. After two years of doing literally nothing but siphoning the LP and selling Safemoon merchandise for $200, the CEO (John Karony) announced today that the timing is finally right. The exchange is coming winter 2023. This is obviously a little longer than the last previous announcement- which was set to be rolled out EOY 2021.

Meanwhile, much the Safemoon sub is jumping for joy. (That an announcement has been made)
You just can’t make this stuff up. Just a few days ago even the biggest Safemoon shills were calling for Johns resignation. Now here we are.

Gotta admire the tenacity of this guy. /s

43 thoughts on “After 2 years, John Karony finally announces that the Safemoon exchange will take another 6-8 months”

  1. Note: It’s the EU exchange. What happened to US exchange? Or, as promised 2+ years ago, just simply the exchange?

  2. > Right things. Right order. Right time. The #SAFEMOON EU Exchange. Arriving Winter 2023!

    Come on now they don’t want to rush things. Exchanges are revolutionary tech and they have to get it just right (or something like that). Please note, Winter 2023 really means early 2024.

  3. Alright I’m taking bets, will safemoon live long enough for the exchange to open?

  4. This is pure comedy. How can anyone take this seriously AND trust him with their money, is beyond me

  5. Like i said in another post . This is heading down the hill as expected. The whole project was hyped for Reflections people were earning everytime someone sold . Now sells tax were reduced to 1% whole idea goes to dump . Then comes the announcement about exchange again . Looking at his track record that may not even come true .

    At this point i am gonna be blunt and say won’t even feel sorry for some of those guys over providing exit liquidity to those whales .

  6. For those who actually think it will launch.. I’m willing to bet moons that it never actually happens.

  7. I’m honestly forgetting, does this thing have it’s own chain or did that get dropped? If not, are they really trying to hype a BNB AMM?

  8. So much money and time for nothing. With that money they milked from safemoon they could make 5 by now.

  9. Hate to break it to ya…

    This isn’t a rugpull ~ it’s 60 grit sandpaper underwear…

  10. All this dude has to do in order to keep draining people’s money is an announcement every two years? Live on easy mode

  11. How in the name of God do people still believe in Safemoon. I got out a LONG LONG time ago and I am still embarrassed I bought any at all

  12. My guess is he just lives lavishly and on the random times he gets bored he just announces a random “update” to make it seem like something is actually in the works

  13. This guy is milking the community of their funds so fucking slowly it is insane, it is a very sad sight to see people still “DCA’ing” safemoon. Want to, but can’t feel bad for them as enough proofs and criticism was provided to them and they said it was nothing but “FUD”

  14. People investing in that project just can not be saved anymore.

    There have been hundreds of warnings and now I will show zero sympathy for the people still falling for this scam.

  15. And it’s in 6-8 months time it’ll only be 6 months away Safemooners! So exciting, congratulations 🎉

  16. Trust me, just keep waiting. This sounds like Q anon nonsense. So glad I avoided like the plague

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