A Twitter user machibigbrother buys and acquires APE every single day. They currently have a loss of ~$4 Million and counting. They also hold dozens and transacted hundreds of APE NFTs which are down roughly 80%+ from last year

The one thing you can say about this is that they truly live up to the APE moniker. This trader has been buying APE basically every day. Since Nov 2nd, they bought over $12 Million in APE which amounts to losses roughly $3.84 Million.


They then started unstaking tons of APE recently as well, possible to sell.

Not just tokens, but the trader has also transacted hundreds of APE NFTs over the years. You don't really need to be knee-deep in crypto to know how much the value of these have fallen since last year, perhaps between 80-95%, which obviously amount to massive losses. They still hold dozens of APE NFTs in their portfolio.



Across on Twitter, the relentless shilling of APE hasn't seemed to help pump the price and relieve the losses. But it was worth a try I guess.





To be honest, I'm almost convinced this is an insider who trying to keep APE relevant and support the price buying, but considering the types of people who buy APE this being a…”adventurous” trader is also equally likely.

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38 thoughts on “A Twitter user machibigbrother buys and acquires APE every single day. They currently have a loss of ~$4 Million and counting. They also hold dozens and transacted hundreds of APE NFTs which are down roughly 80%+ from last year”

  1. It’s down like every other coin during a bear market. Even though I’m not that into NFT’s I’m sure APE will do well in this next bill run

  2. He’s a guy who got lucky minting a lot of bored apes. He made over $10M off the mints and bored apes became his entire thing. Although he may be working for the company now as a promoter type.

  3. https://cointelegraph.com/news/machi-big-brother-withdraws-defamation-lawsuit-against-zachxbt

  4. You’re missing why he’s doing this. It’s only a net loss if you don’t take into account the airdrops heavily farming from Blur.io

  5. He could be an insider “buying” from himself. All these transactions could be fake wash trades

  6. This is the guy that sued ZachXBT for defamation. Shady populist in the crypto space and strange tactics like gifting important people expensive NFTs.

    I would be very cautious about the narratives this guy builds for himself.

  7. Someone made an ape ai and it’s becoming sentient and trying to merge all the apes.

  8. Tell me you aren’t doing something sketch with $ without telling me you’re doing something sketch.

  9. Lmao, u don’t know who Machi is but you posted about him. Wonder what he thinks about Eth lmao. All of his NFTs could go to zero and he’d still have more $$$$ than 98% of this sub

  10. Like it or not…NFTs will make a big comeback. Apes will be a thing again. History seems to repeat itself in the cypto world.

  11. Jeff Huang known for trying to sue ZachXBT



  12. I’m willing to bet money it’s them just hot potato ing to each other so it looks like an active market. Probably an effort to keep it alive until next bullrun

  13. I would have thought that Elon had his hands full running Twitter into the ground.

  14. Those hack coins from his cream.defi project don’t launder themselves on their own.

  15. This proves how little this sub knows about crypto. Machi is a late 90s hip hop guy who was a breakdancer. Now a millionaire in Taiwan where he is having big investments. Check out apecoin DAO and apecoin forum where we discuss everything. Also if you follow big apes there are twitter spaces u can join.

  16. Lol probably pays 8$ for twitter/month too. When was the last time Musk mentioned crypto? It was months before he went full ret4rd nazi.

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