A fellow bitcoiner lost his wallet password

Maybe I’ll be able to give him 50% of his own sats. Wish me luck.

21 thoughts on “A fellow bitcoiner lost his wallet password”

  1. I have access to 100,000 TPUs but that won’t be enough to gain access before 2045. I would use a parallel distributed processing technique – specifically BOINC framework and distributed PCFG. For processing, I would distribute that as well to reduce utilization per compute instance. I would use 100,000 with 96 cores and 1TB of memory. I would purge EBS volume every 12 months

    After I wake up from this dream, I would ideally regain access.

  2. I have no clue about wallets (I am not into crypto) – but can you somewhere see in this table, how many bitcoins are in the wallet?

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