A Bitcoin Barbie is all I want

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1st: A woman or lady who would either:
like you to talk her ears off with bitcoin whether a Bitcoiner or not
2nd: A lady who loves Bitcoin as much as you do

3rd: A lady who equally understands Bitcoin as you do or even more .
The first lady – is humble enough to learn more from you .
The second – Would always bring gift you Bitcoin stuffs

The third – would teach you more and bring heated arguments to stir up your knowledge about Bitcoin ๐Ÿ˜‰!

8 thoughts on “A Bitcoin Barbie is all I want”

  1. This is some fedora-wearing, basement-dwelling, 4chan-browsing neckbeard incel shit right here.

  2. Never tell your female you have BTC. She will want to marry you then divorce you for half of it.

  3. I went for the option of having a wife that lets you talk her ear off about Bitcoin because she knows it makes me happy and she likes to make me happy and show interest in what I’m interested in.

  4. The 3 women I know IRL who have an active interest in Bitcoin are literal gold diggers.

  5. The second part only happens once you have made the money from the BTC you think about all day.

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