A bit over a month ago Jim Cramer advised people to sell Bitcoin. Since then Bitcoin has gone up more than 40%

Around March 12th he advised people on his show to sell Bitcoin stating he thinks Bitcoin is being manipulated and that he would sell it himself. https://news.bitcoin.com/mad-money-jim-cramer-on-btc-price-surge-i-would-sell-my-bitcoin-right-into-this-rally/

Since then, and it has been barely a month, Bitcoin's worth in USD has risen about 40%-45% and it keeps steadily increasing almost every week lately.


This guy seriously proves time and time again that you should not listen to him for any financial advise at all whether it's stock market or cryptos, and if anything you should do exact opposite of what he says.

50 thoughts on “A bit over a month ago Jim Cramer advised people to sell Bitcoin. Since then Bitcoin has gone up more than 40%”

  1. Op I don’t know if you heard but inverse Cramer is a real thing with highest accuracy from all indicators and tools

  2. Wow, how is anybody still asking this guy for his opinion? He’s a walking meme

  3. Actually he proves time and time again you should listen to him and do the opposite ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

  4. I heard one theory that this is from when he used to work on the trading floor, and you would FUD to cause a dip and hype to drive up prices for you to sell. If this is what heโ€™s doing heโ€™s actually a genius

  5. Cramer is a master of the buy high sell low strategy, truly one of us.

  6. Imagine being so bad at your job that the reverse strategy on your calls are created and is actually succesful.

  7. I love the inverse Cramer so much.

    Dude is the best predictor of financial markets, throw your TA in the bin.

  8. As powerful as the inverse cramer meme is, I think the market legit takes a signal from the visibility he brings. More people started talking about buying bitcoin after his statement than in response to any other individual on earth. He’s got more visibility than the greatest (richest) bitcoin maxi Saylor himself.

    Media controlling narratives both directly and indirectly is a reality.

  9. God bless Cramer, he always tells us the exact opposite of what we should do. You can not go wrong if you follow this strategy

  10. Last month I was talking with a friend about reasons or not to be bullish about BTC, and literally the only bullish thing we could agree on was “inverse Cramer”.

    I didn’t buy though, unfortunately.

  11. You mean the guy that has to come up with entertaining investment tips 24/7 doesn’t have a great hit rate? Shocking, I tell you!

  12. I swear I’m about to stop strategizing and backtesting shit with equity and crypto investing/trading and just do a reverse Cramer portfolio. My portfolio already does pretty good, but the ol’ reverse Jimmy is killing it this year.

  13. I guess we can add Jim Cramer to the list of reliable crypto market indicators, right next to the moon phases and Magic 8 Balls. ๐ŸŒ•๐Ÿ”ฎ

  14. I want to do a year long experiment where i just do the opposite of what kramer says

  15. People have really started to do the exact opposite than what he says and itโ€™s working!

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