2 whales just received $5.5 Million in MEME tokens, $2.5 Million of which was from “airdrops”. MEME token allocation is heavily biased to insiders. Insiders already primed to dump. Nothing to see here…

This morning two whales identified by memeland.eth and degensfund.eth received a total of 5.5 Million in MEME tokens through an “airdrop”. memeland.eth received 77 million MEME tokens (equivalent to $1.39 million) through airdrops and 138 million MEME tokens (equivalent to $2.49 million) from FireSale. degensfund.eth has received 57.93 million MEME tokens (equivalent to $1.04 million) through airdrops and 27.14 million MEME tokens (equivalent to $489,000) from FireSale.

Fire Sale is simply what the sellers refer to MEME token presale as.



It is interesting that the 1st, second and 3rd largest portions of tokens is allocated so as to enrich insiders. “Contributors” and “Ecosystem” aka insiders, receive the 1st and 3rd largest shares. “Airdrop” another classic scheme for insiders also receives the 2nd largest share.


And of course, soon after the insiders/private investors receive their tokens, 65% of the tokens held by the top 10 “investors” have already been deposited to exchanges, a classic signal of them ready to dump on retail exit liquidity.


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26 thoughts on “2 whales just received $5.5 Million in MEME tokens, $2.5 Million of which was from “airdrops”. MEME token allocation is heavily biased to insiders. Insiders already primed to dump. Nothing to see here…”

  1. It’s called MEME token. What do you expect all lights on red on the board already.

  2. fuk that trash tier ponzi scam token it isn’t even a coin, it has no development, all it has is over valued supply to be dumped on anyone stupid enough to buy a marketing placeholder binance cooked up with their hedge fund friends. 1.5 billion dollars inflation and people were buying? pepe was revealed a rugpull scam and people are still buying it, probably exchanges trying to perk price up so they can cut their holdings.

    stick with real meme COINs that have real BLOCKCHAINs real DEVELOPMENT and real COMMUNITIES not a bunch of angsty Tupperware salesmen, children in big suits.

  3. If you’re chasing memes this hard, you deserve what ever happens. If you make $millions, good for you for being brave and stupid enough to put your money in. And good for you being smart enough to take it out when you were up.

    But also, if you get dummied by these corrupt billionaires, that’s on you too. Crypto is about advancing society through the streamlining of processes. If there’s nothing that your token does to achieve this, it’s main goal is milking you.

  4. I got some MEME from launchpool and am setting it aside just in case it moons one day. I’d never think of buying it with actual money. Day-trading – maybe, but there are better opportunities for that, especially today. DOGE is the only memecoin that is worth anything, for reasons like: PoW blockchain, no presale, no “team”. It has its cons, but it’s still better than all “memecoins” and most “projects”.

  5. Most people here are into pump and dumps. They enjoy the adrenaline and like to get burnt. If you are more interested in stability you just need to choose Monero aka Stablenero.

  6. Every single meme coin dumps at the start but then goes way higher. So no. You’re wrong. Just skip the initial weeks when it comes out and then put a small bit of money in it.

  7. Who is stupid enough to still fall for any new coins – they are all scams

  8. Want a meme that’s gonna go bang? Hbar goes bang, so will GRELF…
    He’s weird af
    Not a rug. Dev has a name and does Saucerswap voiceovers etc..

  9. lol this is big sign for me to buy the dump . like last time every one here complaint and hate pepe token and it go to the moon)

  10. meh…. whales generally provide liquidity and counter party, some times you need to give a little to make it happen.

    It can make or break a launch if you have a few whales onboard…

  11. Meme and pepe coin is this cycles meme coin, doge and shib poised to slowly bleed out of top 100.

  12. I’ve never lost a battle with these meme coin rugpulls because I always put a sell order of x2-x3 profit and these insiders always go beyond that. So far I’m 8-0 and made out $15k, keep it up shitcoiners.

  13. Op does a bunch of “research” but not enough to realize memeland.eth is the team wallet

  14. Say you haven’t read the tokenomics and Memeland NFT story without saying you haven’t read the tokenomics and Memeland NFT story

  15. Biggest BS I’ve seen in a while. Like how is it possible that you get each and every point so wrong. If you let a monkey write a piece it wouldn’t have this much wrong even by chance. I guess I’ll have to congratulate you for this achievement but about everything else, do some research pal.

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