2 days left to halving

Here we are. Halving seemed to be far and remote, but we almost made it! there A little over 48 hours left according to BitcoinHalving.info


50 thoughts on “2 days left to halving”

  1. Big money will use halving to crush BTC and spread fear… then it will be back up in 6 months.

  2. Im Kinda of new to crypto and iv’e been looking into this halving of the past few weeks to a month, just curious how fast does bitcoin go up, id assume it takes a couple months to peak and its not instant lol, but reason I’m asking is if I put in some money now and let it grow then more money in, in a month or so almost a recurring investment. Opinions?

  3. By halving, it seems to be the Bitcoin price.

    Anyhow, halving also means miners will get half, less, many of them maybe closing.

  4. Everyone please read:

    You don’t actually lose money until you SELL. For the love of God, don’t sell at a LOSS because ‘you can’t afford to lose anymore’. That’s a loser’s mentality.

    You don’t lock in your LOSS until you sell.

  5. Don’t put too much meaning into this halving event (at least short term). It will have no effect on short term momentum.

  6. Think of it this way , regardless of the recent / current price action —- unless i am totally wrong —- the halving is a permanent supply shock and price will adjust to compensate for that fact.

  7. Don’t look directly at the halving, it’ll blind you! Make sure and wear halving glasses

  8. Unpopular opinion
    This having has received far more media coverage than ever. I suspect the trend will not be the same than in previous halving… (red days)

  9. Lol at this point it’s probably going to be a non-event for the market tbh… but we shall see 😏

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