12 Solana memecoins have been “abandoned” in the last 30 days after investors raised $26.7 million

As the popularity of memecoins has increased recently, fraudsters are taking advantage of this “opportunity”. Blockchain researcher ZachXBT posted on his X that at least 12 Solana memecoins have been “abandoned” in the last 30 days after investors raised $26.7 million.

He identified 12 projects that raised funds through pre-sales, most of which dropped significantly after launch and one that did not issue any tokens at all.

Chart by ZachXBT

According to the researcher, the most expensive “abandoned” project was a memecoin called “I like this coin” with the LIKE ticker. The founder is a user under the pseudonym pokeee.eth, who collected 52,220 SOL tokens ($7.7 million)

50 thoughts on “12 Solana memecoins have been “abandoned” in the last 30 days after investors raised $26.7 million”

  1. Anyone surprised by an abandoned shitcoin?

    Sorry.. memecoin, i know how antsy some of you get.

  2. Yea most of them get abandoned.
    Just listened yesterday an AMA and only hege had the dev still with them. They also talked a lot about rugpulls etc but no one really had anything interesting to say. There is a possibility for high profit but it is 99% scams and rugpulls. Makes the space also very volatile when ppl are always jumping ship when they have made only a few dollars in profit.

  3. Who the heck keeps throwing such large amounts of money at these things. Baffles me

  4. i love the other comments that are like, “well, pretty much all of the coins are worthless and going nowhere except towards zero BUT not the bag i hold, keeping all that until we have a powerful enough computer to reverse a hash in polynomial time” 😂

  5. That’s what happened to Ye Wif Hat, but it just had a community takeover from a crypto marketing team. It’s gone from $7k market cap after the rug to $200k in 4 days.

  6. The meme hype is ok, its a fun gamble, just like any other hazard game. The creators that scams are trash! Hate The scammers not the memers!

  7. Seen people saying that it was fine as long as you knew what you were doing, not be greedy and take profits!

    No doubt the same people that said they were unable to sell due to failing transactions and watched as their bag went to zero!

  8. Stop buying these pre-planned shady ass influencer memecoins.

    The best ones are where it is ran by pure community, usually after dev rugged.

    the $duk fuks

  9. 99% of these projects are led by greedy scummy teams, but the 1%, those are the gems

  10. Seems like natural laws of nature playing out. Nothing wrong with this. Grats sharks and haha suckers

  11. Shitcoins aren’t investing and they aren’t even really a ponzi

    They’re a game of gambling chicken.

    Everyone knows it’s a scam, everyone thinks they’ll time their exit to leave the bag on the next guy, but not everyone wins.

  12. Pokeee is sitting on $7mil with of Aave wrapped ETH


    Did he get rich off the rug pull or was he already rich and rug pulling was another way for him to get more money?!

  13. It’s fine to invest as a gamble . But it’s not more than that. It always baffles those morons that stay invested in these coins and swearing by the devs until reality kicks in….

  14. If they’re able to be abandoned, then they weren’t memecoins to begin with

  15. Far as I can tell. Solana is the casino and its coins/tokens are the penny slots in the back. Except after a few plays most of them just “break”, keep whatever was put in them and people just move to the next machine.

  16. who cares, meme coins add no value to humanity and the space. The crypto space is bloated anyway with 9k+ projects from the stats on CMC lol. We need real world use cases not meme trading, get rich quick schemes and speculation

  17. Wait for rug. Join the tg if there is a decent cto throw 20 bucks at it. I’ve made decent money like this, but people get greedy.

  18. Shoutout to freaky keke.

    Rundown put out little hippo NFT
    Got in on it and let them sit. Came back to check in 3 years later. Instead of building uses for those he spent his time designing a frog hooker coin.

    Maybe Ill get my airdrop.

  19. Hence we ask anyone who’s affected by rugpulls and scams to join the $METOO movement with RUGGED METOO project! The project has been live for over a month now and going strong!!

    Say no to rugpulls!!

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