$100 says Safemoon is a top 10 coin in 2 years. 2 years later…

2 years (and two days) ago, I made a bet with someone here, with them claiming Safemoon will be a top 10 coin come this day. And them putting $100 on the line publicly (in the comments on a post).

Proof below:


Cmc says Safemoon (version 2, obviously) is at #2764 by mcap, while Coingecko says it's at #269 (not sure how, but that's what it says).

Safe (pun intended) to say, it's not top 10. We can all act holier than thou now and say we all saw it coming. No we didn't. We never knew what will or will not come out of it. Just as Safemoon caused waves back then, an unknown meme coin caused mass hysteria just weeks ago. But this person actually put their money where their mouths were. And I can respect that.

That said, u/Myxologyst666, it's been two years. Show me the money.

80% of the bet money goes to a charity. Whichever charity you want, as long as it's legit and based around food/water/children. $20 goes to me. I will not NOT have a beer (or two or three) in order to celebrate Safemoons demise.

Update: we have made contact. U/myxologyst666 has been a good sport about the tons of notifications and callouts. They said “a bet is a bet”. We're working out the details. Show him love.

39 thoughts on “$100 says Safemoon is a top 10 coin in 2 years. 2 years later…”

  1. Well, put your money where your mouth is or don’t make bets.

    Anyone in for another Safemoon bet?!

  2. His last comment is 3 hours ago, r/Superstonk nonetheless. So he is still active. Pay up buddy lmao

  3. Haha that’s great. Congratulations on your win. please update this, would love to hear if you actually get your money or not! 🤣

    It seems like such an outrageous bet in hindsight, but there really is no telling the future. Plenty of people have since been burned by other projects they believed were safe and headed straight to the moon.

  4. u/Myxologyst666 it is 1075 MOON, calculated for you, don’t forget to pay it. We are watching.

  5. OP, sadly, I think that u/Myxologyst666 will do a “Logan Paul” move on repaying your money (he won’t)

  6. I just woke up, this is the first thing I see, and lemme tell ya did it put a big smile on my face

  7. Is safe moon related to Moon the governance coin of this group? I don’t know what safe moon is and seems I should be glad I don’t know anything about it…

  8. Looking at his profile, he is a frequent visitor of wsb and superstonks. It’s time to pony up the money!

  9. Haha, He’s gonna be wondering what all these notifications are! This Monday is about to make him $100 lighter.

  10. My man came to collect 2 years later like a students loan company.

    Well played OP.

  11. I remember that bet. Safemoon was the hottest memecoin on the block. We also had other safe-prefixed tokens that were not so safe; like Safemars, Safecoin, SafeEarth. It’s safe to say that they were not a safe investment.

  12. He logs on to reddit and sees a bunch of notifications. He wonders what’s this about. People like his comment?


  13. The crazy thing is, at this point in July 2021, John Karony had already rugged the Safemoon LP in conjunction with Thomas for tens of millions of dollars, and this is before they had released any deliverables whatsoever. Literally the first thing they did is plunder the LP to buy themselves mansions, sports cars, jewellery and jet set across the word.

    They didn’t hold a pre-sale or have any other way of raising development funds for a salary.

    But nobody really knew about it. One person made a post on the Safemoon reddit about the suspicious LP withdrawals but he was shouted down by the cult.

    By August, the LP movements were publicised by a group called DoxxLocker, but of course because their report had a few minor spelling errors it was discarded by the army.

    It was only until Coffee broke the news about the LP movements in April 2022. Everyone with a brain that still had Safemoon tokens dumped them immediately, or after Safemoon failed to provide an adequate response to the allegations.

    What you have left is… well, a thoroughly unlikeable community of vipers that try to sucker newbies into their scammy shitcoin.

  14. u/Myxologyst666 the dude is still active. So… let’s see the $100 transaction screenshot. 😁

  15. I’m pretty sure you’re about to be the only person, apart from the company insiders, who will profit from safemoon.

  16. Brave of you to assume somebody who thought Safemoon would be a top 10 coin has $100.

  17. The Cult was on full force back then lol, i remember joining it as well after hopping in the top of may 2021.

  18. This should fall under r/wallstreetbets rules. u/Myxologyst666 needs to fulfill the bet or be banned!

  19. if he invests in stuff like safemoon, it’s unlikely he has enough to pay back

  20. We can definitely act holier than thou. Safemoon has the absolute shittiest fundamentals and was a weird fomo hype circlejerk from the beginning.

  21. But people did see it coming. It’s called SAFEMOON. It was like buying a lottery ticket from a homeless man that was called “SureFireJackpot”

  22. If that person was goofy enough to think SafeMoon would be a top ten, they prolly don’t have $100 now.

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