Zano Dev Update [Oct 2023] – Zarcanum Preparations, Ionic Swaps, Governanace & Cake Wallet Integration

Greetings! In this month's report, we'll walk you through our achievements, which range from enhancing the reliability of our core features to gearing up for the impending Zarcanum hardfork. Here's a comprehensive overview of our progress:

Ionic Swaps and Automated Testing:

  • Our QA team has conducted extensive manual testing of Ionic swaps.
  • During testing, an issue was discovered, leading us to create several core tests to identify and address it.
  • By the end of the testing cycle, all issues were successfully fixed and covered by automated tests.

Compatibility with Modern GCC Versions:

  • We resolved a critical problem where Zano could not be built using GCC versions greater than 8.3, a common occurrence in the latest Ubuntu releases.
  • The fix and an updated build manual have been implemented in the 'develop' branch and are scheduled for merging into the master branch in the next release.

Enhancing Anonymity:

  • We've implemented decoy support for old-style, non-anonymous, pre-Zarcanum Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to enhance transactional anonymity until the Zarcanum hardfork is activated.

Preparing for Zarcanum Hardfork:

  • To ensure a seamless transition with the upcoming privacy update, we performed a significant merge of the old codebase with various ad-hoc fixes into a separate branch dedicated to the Zarcanum hardfork.
  • This merged code is now undergoing extensive testing to guarantee compatibility with the existing blockchain.

Governance Implementation:

  • We've successfully implemented governance, a crucial step in enhancing community involvement and decision-making within the Zano ecosystem.

Cake Wallet Integration:

  • Our ongoing efforts include the integration of Cake Wallet, which is currently in progress.

Block Explorer Upgrade:

  • As part of our hardfork preparation, we've upgraded the block explorer to work seamlessly with both pre-Zarcanum and post-Zarcanum states.

We're committed to advancing Zano's functionality, security, and privacy, and we're excited about the developments on the horizon. Your continued support is invaluable, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you soon!