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New token containing NFT’s with a strong development team!

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Telegram @ yugionsolana

  • If you love NFT's, but don't like bottomless floor prices and endlessly sitting on your listing, we are working on a dapp for that. All of the @yugionsolana “Shit Cards” NFT series and future releases will be backed by liquid $YUGI and supported this way. Yes, we will be working on some more serious NFT'S.

  • Imagine having an NFT that has a base value; it can't go to zero. You can have back what you paid any time. Then after that value is considered you can factor in additional price for sentiment. Be patient, stay tuned and follow us for future updates!

We are extremely pleased to present our new CNFT collection, “Shit Cards” launching today and officially filling orders. This project was designed to allow for a fun and exciting way to hold $YUGI. Each cNFT is backed and redeemable for the amount of $YUGI inscribed on it. The cNFT's and the $YUGI that back them are held in cardvault. sol and that $YUGI will not be sold.
For 45K $YUGI ($18 at time of writing) you will receive 4 NFT's. 3 random commons and 1 random rare, super rare, or ultra rare
“Shit Card”. Remember, EVERY card has a redeemable value. Just head to the card exchange in our discord: discord .gg/ KWgHF4V58G to buy or sell.
There is also a small collection of cards that can be bought directly for 100,000 $YUGI which does not involve a random pack: the
“DX Shit Cards”.

Telegram: yugionsolana

  • 150k MC
  • 70k LP Burnt
  • Airdrop has been completed
  • dApp currently being built