XCAD Play Area — How to make $60+ a day from watching YouTube

Like a lot of people, we have spent the last few months keeping an eye on The XCAD Network, a solid fan token project, backed by the biggest YouTubers such as KSI and Mr Beast. However recently they launched a high-yield aspect of their product called the “PLAY” area.

Essentially, in the PLAY area you buy an NFT and watch videos with that NFT activated. There are multiple levels of entry for the PLAY area, these range from $180 for the cheapest NFT, which earns around $3 a day, right up to a $7,500 NFT which can bring in up to $140 a day prior to repairs. The most popular NFT is the Rare one, which costs $2.6k and makes $50 per day. There are also different levels between these two, all of which bring in a large yield on your initial investment.

The PLAY area is based off of the wildly successful STEPN walk2earn model, which millions of users took part in and earned greatly from walking. However, with the PLAY area, you don’t even have to leave your bedroom, you simply earn by watching YouTube videos. You can store and use a maximum of 6 NFTs a day, meaning if you did happen to buy and use 6 Rares daily, you would earn over $300 a day. Obviously though buying 6 Rares takes an initial investment, lots of users buy one NFT to begin with, to try the platform out then buy more as they see success, we’d advise everyone to do the same.

Youtube video covering PLAY Area by leading Crypto Youtuber (AltCoinDaily) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YP1ymfobSM

Check out their website here

Use this code to access the PLAY area – UMVD-7RWZ-54DY-YJTK

In order to get involved:

  1. Download Chrome extension or Android App – Download link
  2. Register an account
  3. Use this Access code to get into ‘PLAY Area’ : 5FV7-3HMV-WEVJ-CSH4
  4. Pick NFT Box to Mint
  5. Deposit BNB into account or Buy w/ Credit Card
  6. Mint Box
  7. Active NFT, Starting Watching YouTube & Earning

Check out their Telegram – t.me/Xcademy