$WMINIMA a market and supply side analysis of a microcap gem.

I found a coin, MINIMA, originally when I was browsing the bitcointalk forum to see what people were mining. The value propsition is that its a mobile native chain, ultralightweight, light enough to run a node on IOT devices. I did some checking. The following is not financial advice and my sources of information could be flawed or inaccurate:

MINIMA's token generation event and public sale was in March 2023. They raised $1mil. Before that they had a seed, preseed, and 2 private sales. Not sure home much total $ was raised there, but you could calculate from the numbers below. There is a total supply of 1 billion. 12.5% of that was wrapped as an ERC20 token on ethereum, WMINIMA. This is the total circulating supply, 125mil WMINIMA. Native MINIMA is not yet traded on any exchanges. The native MINIMA supply is basically irrelevant at this point. The website says they are planning to list native MINIMA on exchanges at some point

The current price is ~4¢. In the preseed sale 7.49% of the supply was purchased for 1¢. In the seed 14.03% was purchased for 2¢. In Private sale #1 10.73% of the supply was purchased for 6¢. In private sale #2 1.05% was purchased for 20¢. In the public sale 6% of the supply and was puchased at an average price of 25¢. These numbers are total MINIMA supply, not WMINIMA (circulating) supply. The 6% sold in the public sale accounts for 60mil of the 125mil WMINIMA supply, hence, almost half of the WMINIMA (circulating) supply was purchased for 25¢ in the public sale. The supply of WMINIMA is supposed to be capped at 125mil. The native MINIMA is supposed to remain on the minima chain and is distributed in a linear fashion. Again, this is illiquid and irrelevant because it is not traded on exchanges yet. There's too many other relevant numbers to lay out here so let me just skip forward a bit.

So all we need to know is that the current price is ~4¢ and ~50% of the 125mil supply of WMINIMA was purchased for an average of 25¢. I have also calculated that approximately 20% of the supply was purchased for an average price of ~8¢, and 10% for average price ~1.7¢. The rest is owned by the team or is reserved for incentive programs. The marketcap is around 3 million. Most holders are currently deep in loss.

There are 3 exchanges where WMINIMA is traded. MEXC, Bitfinex, and Uniswap. I have examined their orderbooks. I made a rough calculation that if there was around $30k of buys the price of WMINIMA would double to 8¢. The sell side liquidity steepens some beyond that point, but not too horribly.

Bottom line, the vast majority of the supply was purchased for alot more than the current price. The price bottomed awhile back and sellers are exhausted. I made a couple purchases a week ago and moved the price a bit. It has ticked up more since then and sustained without sellers jumping in. This thing could double or triple in price easily with very little buy pressure. It would then get listed as top performing daily/weekly coin on MEXC and bitfinex, which would theoretically bring in more buyers with more demand side liquidity (where you might want to take some initial profits). This is something I'm betting on. I own ~100k WMINIMA full disclosure.

The lead dev for the MINIMA project is a british turbo autist. Their website says they are registered in Switzerland. I think this is a microcap with potential to go into the top 200 in the long term, maybe top 100 if things went extraordinarily well for them. Current rank is 4462 on Coinmarketcap. With the current supply side dynamics the price could jump quickly in the short term. Just a minimal increase on the demand side would make that happen.

There is very little volume on this coin right now. But with no sell pressure your risk of losing money, now, at the time of this post, is very low. Its a somewhat similar setup to what $ML was when I posted that one and it proceeded to 5x, except this has the added advantage of being traded on uniswap. The fact that this coin trades on uniswap gives it even more potential to moon violently. Yes, I think you should buy this.

TLDR: MINIMA is a solid project. It would take very little buy pressure to move the price upward, substantially. This coin is in a good position to moon, and it could moon quickly. Maybe that happens or maybe it doesn't. The lead dev might be autistic. DYOR. Not financial advice. I could be completely retarded or I could have completely fucked my research up. But IMO this has the potential to 5x very quickly and it could pull a 300x longer term.


May the gains be with you frens.