Will the space potentially shift away from PoW Chains in exchange for eco-friendly alternatives ?

I saw an article yesterday on Cointelegraph on how the HBAR Foundation launched a $100M climate-focused impact fund which they gave away to DOVU which is a Welsh blockchain company.

DOVU uses Hedera to inexpensively issue tokenized carbon credits to any person, business, or government, in order to fund projects which remove, capture, or sequester carbon from the environment.

Now here's what I'm thinking.
Google, LG, IBM and major companies are backing Hedera, with crazy amounts too, and with everything going on in addition to ETH hopefully switching to a PoS eco-friendly environment, not to mention ETH is backed by Amazon, Microsoft, AWS, Google as well.
Are we seeing a discreet shift to a more climate-friendly, energy-efficient network of Dapps and protocols which could very much become a huge part of the global crypto market cap?